Home Office Makeover with Arhaus


Hello my friends!  I’m excited to be sharing my home office makeover today, produced in partnership with Arhaus.  When we moved into this house I knew that I’d take the smallest bedroom and try to find the best way to make it work as a home office until we scrape together the funds to build out the garage into a studio space.  Little did I know that it would become my little sanctuary and that I’d find myself re-thinking the idea of building out the garage simply because the space is so cozy!

First things first, as with every other room in this house, I started by painting the entire room and ceiling white!  As I hoped it immediately felt larger and brighter.  I started the room design by choosing the rug- I fell in love with this piece and decided to keep the rest of the room fairly neutral but have a big pop of color on the floor.  Eventually I’d like to ground the rug with an even larger jute rug under it which would also add a nice layer- but I’m saving that until Pepito has outgrown his chew every-damn-thing phase!!!



Next I chose this desk and this chair.  I love the mix of industrial and organic in the desk, and the clean lines.  I knew that the simplicity and slightly masculine edge would help balance out the colorful rug.  I bought the rocking chair without knowing where it would even end up- I fell in love with it the second I spotted it at and was so happy when it arrived and fit perfectly in this room!  The chair inspired the succulent purchase- I loved the play on a south western vibe they have together.


I found this three tiered basket and knew it would be perfect for organizing the fibers I use in my weavings- it makes me so happy just looking at it!  So lovely to see all of these materials just waiting for me to create something beautiful!



As always, artwork was incredibly important to me for the space- and most especially since it’s my office- a room where I need to be able to easily tap into my creative self!  I hung my second weaving, cut out photos from magazines that I love and taped them to the wall and hung the cow skull and shoe prints to tie it all together.  Those were the finishing touches the room needed.  I’m so in love with how it all turned out!  It turned out to be such a cozy place for me to dream up my next posts for this site, work on my weavings and daydream about what’s next.  Hope you love it as much as I do!  xx- Sarah




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Reader Comments

    • Sarah Yates|

      Kate I wish I knew!! I bought it at a local nursery and it wasn’t labeled…. let’s hope I don’t kill it!!!! 🙂 Maybe someone else will chime in with an identification!

  1. erin marie|

    i second the request re: that plant on your desk and the lovely pottery it’s in. your office looks great!!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Hi Erin! The pottery is also from a local nursery. Wish I knew where they got it because I love it and it was the last one they had!!!

  2. Cynthia Guerrero|

    As always beautiful decor. It feels so airy, fresh and vibrant, which I love. Would you be able to tell me where you found the plant standr? It’s lovely.

    • Sarah Yates|

      Aimee the search stops now! So sorry I forgot to answer the earlier questions about it! You can find the planter here! 🙂

  3. Sarah|

    What a great space! It is so hard to find a nice looking ceiling fan, do you mind sharing where it’s from? Thanks!

  4. Mandy D|

    I love your weave Sarah! How did you get into that? Self taught? I would love to start!

    Beautiful room! You have a talented eye that’s for sure! Glad your feeling better too!! 🙂


  5. Alison yin|

    What a gorgeous room! Would you mind sharing where that ceiling fan is from? Thanks!

  6. Kayleigh|

    I’m on a never ending search for a not so hideous ceiling fan. Who makes yours?

  7. Megan|

    Hello! This room is insanely gorgeous!! Would you mind sharing where the curtain rods and curtains are from? And I love the idea to hang plants in the window. I’ve never seen that before!