Being photographers Lou and I have so many photos from our wanderings and adventures that we could decorate a lifetime of houses!  I’m a huge fan of framing photos that carry great memories from travel, or that remind of us of a fun shoot we did.  And I love seeing family photos or gallery walls of portraits in friend’s homes (it’s fascinating to look at portraits of a family, isn’t it?!)   I also love displaying photos that evoke a mood, bring in some bright color or are a bit graphic in nature.  It’s amazing what a quality framed piece of artwork can do for a space!  I also really enjoy rotating pieces and giving rooms a fresh feel by just switching out art and accessories.  This has saved me many a time when I’ve felt compelled to redecorate!

All of this brings me to why I’m so excited to introduce you to Framebridge, a beautifully easy and affordable way to frame your favorite pieces!  I love that they offer the option to print your photos (I’m pretty sure almost everyone has a frame-worthy photo on their Instagram these days)!  And being able to see your artwork on their site with framing options (mat or no mat, floating, borderless, a variety of frame types, etc) makes the process so fun and easy.  I found myself wanting to frame every last photo we have!  And this is what I found the most convenient and brilliant- they will ship you packaging to mail in your art- every little bit of detail (including the packing tape you’ll need to close it up) is included.  It couldn’t be easier or more convenient!

Lastly, I have two bonuses for you!!  All of the photos seen here are now available for purchase on SHOP A HOUSE IN THE HILLS!  AND, Framebridge is offering a 20% discount* for A House in the Hills readers with the code AHOUSEINTHEHILLS20.  So really, what are you waiting for?  Time to get framing my friends!!!  xx- Sarah

Seen in in the photos: Tokyo Skyline w/Sonoma frame, Morning w/Marin frame, Smoke Bomb w/ Irvine Slim frame, Bougainvillea w/Mercer frame, Heels with Mercer Slim frame, Motorcycle w/ Bolton frame, Skulls w/ Cairo frame

*Code is for 20% off your first Framebridge order of $59 or more, expires 11/30/2015

A-house_in_the_hills_-109395 A-house_in_the_hills_-109386 A-house_in_the_hills_-109404 A-house_in_the_hills_-109400 A-house_in_the_hills_-109405

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  1. Diane|

    Great offer but I also wanted to add to the list of people I work with Lisa at LML Art Group for truly custom and creative framing if you find the need in the future. If you need a phone number let me know as I do not want to publish it here. So glad things are working out so well for you…must be this amazing SD weather! Take care