Spring Cleaning!


Greetings my friends!  I’m currently reading The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up (alongside almost every one of my friends and possibly a good part of the rest of the internet!)  Are you familiar?  It’s amazing!  Like, as the title states, LIFE CHANGING AMAZING.  The principle of the book is that we all have way more things than we actually need or use, and these things weigh us down and clutter up our lives- not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  The solution for this, according to the author, is to go through every item in the house and ask if when you look at it and hold it in your hands, it sparks joy.  If the answer is NO, the item goes.  {Read more after the jump!}

I was a little suspect at the beginning of my process, thinking that since my closet is so organized there was just no way that purging it would make me happier.  But purge it I did and OMG!  Walking into the space and having LESS CHOICES is actually hugely liberating!  Every single item in that room is something I LOVE and will wear- not maybe someday wear or might need for a very specific special occasion wear but something I’d 100% wear- and most of it I’d wear TOMORROW.  The truth is that less is actually more when it comes to a wardrobe, and things in general- and that the real joy comes in having only things that you LOVE LOVE.  There were somethings that I thought- no, this doesn’t necessarily spark joy but it’s necessary (ie: trashcans) and so I had my own approach of do I NEED it when it came down to more utilitarian items.  The books is incredible (at times funny and a little kooky too).  It will certainly make me a far more discerning shopper- I will be asking so many more questions of myself before I buy- such as: Do I need this item?  Will it spark joy in 6 months from now?  A year?  Or am I buying it to just spark a little joy right now and will need to purge it shortly thereafter?

We’re having a garage sale on Saturday and I’ve spent the better part of the past couple of days going through the house- every cupboard, drawer, closet, nook and cranny finding the items that don’t “spark joy” or aren’t 100% functional/necessary to have and putting them in a pile to prepare for the sale.  You’d be amazed at how large the piles are.

And the BEST thing is happening- I feel lighter!  The energy in our house feels lighter!  I’m feeling an itch to go further, to have even less.  And to replace the utilitarian items that I have and don’t love with those that I do (hello flatware, knives and mortar & pestle- I’ve got my eyes on you!)  This has just been such an amazing experience that I had to share it with you!  Wishing you all the very best with your own Spring cleaning projects!  xx- Sarah

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  1. Jamie Lawler|

    I’m in San Diego…how do i attend this garage sale?! lol, I’m obviously not in purging mode but I just love your style and imagine I’d find some fun things at this garage sale. I hope to come if you don’t mind disclosing the details in an email!

  2. Lavenderhill|

    I read this book and cleaned by category just like the book says. My home is now streamlined and only things that spark joy and special remain, leaving a curated, edited home. I feel great and knowing that anything else I purchase will be pondered upon.

  3. Krista|

    I keep hearing about this book -everyone seems to love it! I’m with Jamie and Archana on the garage sale details -would love to try and come!

  4. Jody Winter|

    I’m already a minimalist in every aspect of my life but I am intrigued by this book I must say. Problem for me is that I’ve actually let go of things I should have kept (for sentimental reasons) in the past, I’m that brutal! In terms of wardrobe items, what does one do when an item sparks joy but you no longer wear it? In other words, you just like having the object in your life? Any thoughts?