Fighting The Good Fight

I’m officially THE GIRL WHO CRIED FAVORITE JEANS EVER.  I know.  Trust me, it’s not lost on me that once a month I post saying I’ve found them, the true answer to all my denim questions.  And that one month later I’ve found another pair.  These are good problems to have, that’s not lost on me either. But for reals.  THESE JEANS.  In fact, J.Crew, I would like to publicly thank you for the Point Sur denim line- it’s blowing my mind.  Thank you, thank you thank you thank you.  But don’t you all worry, in spite of my claim that these truly are the BEST pair of jeans I’ve ever worn, I will continue the hunt for a better pair!  Fighting the good fight for you my friends, I’m all about it.  xx- Sarah

Shop this post:  denim: J.Crew, shirt: Vince (old), shoes: Stan Smith for Adidas (love them in the classic here as well), bag: Meli Melo, sunnies: Karen Walker, watch: Giles & Brother,  Michael Kors, necklace: Jules Smith, ring: Gabriela Artigas   nails: Dior,


sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills_j_crew_point_sur-931000 sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills_j_crew_point_sur-931004sarah_yates_A_House_in_the_hills_j_crew_point_sur-931002

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  1. Desi|

    These are indeed a great pair of jeans. I feel that the only (and I mean ONLY) thing that could be improved upon is the hem. I would like to see these with the kind of vintage ‘unfolded’ style hem. Don’t think for one second that that is going stop from buying them.