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Sometimes I dream about living in a charming country house!  We’ve done mid century in LA, modern in Palm Springs, Spanish in San Diego- maybe next will be a modern farmhouse in Ojai?!  I’M JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE.  Also, is there a moveaholics anonymous?  Because I recognize the absolute CRAZY that is me talking about farmhouses in Ojai when we JUST landed in our Spanish San Diego home.  My name is Sarah and I’m addicted to moving and decorating.  There.  Just saying it absolves me from all of the implications, right?  Right.  Ok now, enjoy this farmhouse and please speak up and remind me of this convo if I mention a move in 2-3 years!  I would like to stay sane/married/near friends/etc.  xx- Sarah  {images via}

Vintage+House+Daylesford+-+Dining+room Kali+Cavanagh+-+Vintage+House+Daylesford+Inside+Out+Image+Bathroom

ensuite22 Kali+Cavanagh+-+Vintage+House+Daylesford+Inside+Out+Image+by+Armelle+Habib

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  1. Manu|

    Ha! I grew up in a farmhouse 20 miles from civilization (my parents still live there), and even though I’m pretty much a city girl now, I sometimes fantasize about living a quieter life in the countryside, growing vegetables and stuff. So I can relate Sarah! Oh, and I wouldn’t mind living in that gorgeous house above either! Besos!

  2. Deb|

    Have not heard the phrase modern country but I like it! And I can see it in a farmhouse in Ojai for sure but also in a lovely Spanish home in SoCal.

  3. Julie, from prosecco to plaid|

    This is absolutely charming!! Love love love it. I’m like you – I’ve moved TONS of times and it’s funny – I’ve been in Houston (for a third time) about 3 or so years now, and I’m getting the itch to move again! Something about change (and redecorating) I just love! Not sure my husband is down for it, though! xo Julie

  4. Gail Hatch|

    I love random moments. Just happened to google “house in the hills” thinking I might come up with a charming poem for my friend in the throws of doing just that. And voila! I was led to you and this. I am a Northern Californian who loves Ojai, but the fun part for me about all of this, is that our favorite place is the Daylesford Farm in England. This house just HAS to be owned and run by them. Look them up to see their amazing organic farm. We take our grandchildren there when we visit them–yes, family in England. Love this and thanks for posting–I’ve had fun.

  5. Alan|

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