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Happy weekend my friends!  What’ve you got on the books?  We have a fun and a little bit random collection of plans- our house in being blessed by Shaman Louie Saturday morning (gift from our incredible realtor), I’m going on a girls roadtrip with a friend to attend Rachel Zoe’s coachella pool party later that day, we’re meeting up with friends to paddleboard (or possibly surf!) on Sunday and we’re bouncing around the idea of a potential staycation that night to get out of the house and have some couple time together (sometimes all I can think about when we’re home is what I want to do with the decorating- it can be overwhelming- my level of excitement).  When I read that back I can only laugh because I sound like I’m living in a southern California version of Portlandia.  Almost like I’m a caricature of myself and it would be ridiculously easy to make a spoof out of it!  But sometimes life is just like that- funny and random.  I’m just along for the ride!   Hope you all have a beautiful weekend with great friends, yummy food and lots of good old fashioned belly laughs.  Links below for your lovin….  xx- Sarah {image via}

The raspberry rhubarb tart pictured above- I can’t think of a single reason why I’m not eating it RIGHT NOW.

Well fuck yes– vindication for my dirty mouth!

I’ve hit a decorating mental block with our bedroom.  I just want it to look like this, which is impossible.  So: back to square one.

Mmmmm, this greek salad with homemade pita!

Triple layer matcha cake.  Intriguing!!!

Fringe skirts are having a moment – and I’m feeling it!  More amazing fringe here.

Interesting- on the tail end of my blog post about my love of Beni Ourain rugs- I stumbled upon this!

Kind of have mixed feeling about this but they lean more to the yes, please side than the no, thanks side.

Such a pretty photoshoot to inspire Spring Entertaining!

The Shopbop Friends and Family sale may have ended but my coveting of this, these,  these, these and God help me these.

WORD!!!!!!!!!!  This.

Major hair envy with this gal.  Major.

I’m glad rompers weren’t a flash in the style pan and have had staying power over the past years because, well: this.

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