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How pretty is this nook?  I’m not sure if it’s an entryway (although I hope it is).  I’m filling this new house up with plants- they’re some of the first things I bought.  My determination to keep them alive runs as deep as that giant hole in bermuda that free divers flock to.  In a house this old I believe it’s important to have lots of life (Lou has said no to more puppies- sad face) and plants are going to help bring us that.  Soon I’ll be sharing my plants, my favorite sources for plant pots (oooooh there’s some goooooood ones coming up!, and any tips I have as a newbie at keeping these babies alive.  Until then, let this serve as some inspiration.  Have a great Wednesday my friends!  xx- Sarah {image via}

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  1. Denise|

    Great vignette! Love the pots too, they all look so good together. Is that a tinted mirror? I take care of about 15 plants in our business and have kept them alive for 7 months now. Regarding plant care, I would advise to not over water. I usually water the plants every week to week and a half. Even if you miss a watering, water them when you can and then continue with your regular watering schedule. Also, none of them get direct sunlight – the only windows in our space face north. Good luck, can’t wait to see how things come together ;))