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Hawaii in a jar: Coconut Chia Pudding with Passion Fruit & Maple Sauce

Happy Friday my pals!  I’ve got a really stellar roundup of links for you today (in my blatantly less than humble opinion).  What’ve you got on the books for the weekend?  We’ll be painting, unpacking, nesting like crazy people and drinking wine.  Lots of wine.  And then- Sunday supper, a tradition we started with friends where Sunday nights we prepare a delicious meal and drink and talk and stay up late.  The last two have had me up past 1 am, left me with sore abs from so much laughing (which speaks both to how funny my friends are and how badly I need to get back on my yoga mat!) and involved many delicious eats/drinks.   It’s something I look forward to all week long!  Ok, wishing you so much fun, love, happiness, and yummy goodness for your weekend!  xx – Sarah {image via}

These vegan ice cream snickers are EVERYTHING I WANT AND NEED!!!!!

How amazing is this petite outdoor space- shows that you can do amazing things with limited square footage!

Shopbop is having their 25% off everything sale (code: BIGEVENT15)! It’s my favorite time to shop their sale and pick up pieces for a steal- so I have these, these, these, this, and this in my shopping cart!

I’m way into the looks of this chia pudding parfait!

I’m always looking for new ways to eat avocado toast.  Always!

And as many versions of friend rice as there could be, I’m super into the looks of this one!

Loving this roundup of black loafers- a closet staple!

This made me laugh.

These words to inspire your weekend!

Wanting to incorporate more sweaters into my wardrobe- for exactly this reason.

Did you see here, I got my hair cut/colored!  Very subtle changes but made a world of difference.  Always inspired by this gal’s hair so I took on a chunkier fringe!

Love her fun and unexpected style combo!

I really really really, REALLY want this glassware.  All of it.  Someone please tell me I should just take the plunge!


Love this Stockholm home tour- especially that living room!




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  1. Elvira|

    Love all your links but in I tried the discount code on shop bop and its shows its invalid :(

    • Sarah Yates|

      Sorry Eivira, the sale ended at midnight. Will try to remember to give better heads up next time!!! xx