Pleats and Over the Knee Boots


Well, I never made it out of pajamas on Tuesday.  I spent the whole day unpacking and got swept away by the wonders of a walk in closet!  I’ve never had a walk-in closet, so this magic is new to me.  But O.M.G!  I want to just live in it.  Seeing all of my clothes hung as if it’s a little boutique- it was a Pretty Woman moment.  Except I’m not a prostitute and Richard Gere wasn’t there, and no one told me I was in the wrong store.  But you know what I mean.  Holy bananas it’s a beautiful thing, a closet that you can walk into!

And if that wasn’t glorious enough, I got dressed yesterday!  It might be sad that I feel accomplished when I take pajamas off these days, or it might just be that I’m getting good at celebrating small victories.  Like this one.  This is pretty much the uniform I’ll be wearing until Summer hits.  Dresses and skirts with over the knee boots and a jacket- that’s my game.  And this blue dress is gonna see a lot of wear (it’s on major sale if you love it as much as I do!).  I’ll also wear it with these booties  when it gets a little warmer.  Oh warm summer, I’m looking forward to you! Ok, signing off now.  Have a great Thursday my friends!  xx- Sarah

Shop this outfit:  dress:  BCBG (on sale!) , boots: Stuart Weitzman(herehere, and here) jacket: Theory (old), bag: Chloe, sunglasses: Karen Walker,


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  1. Lindsey Griffin|

    This look is gorgeous! I love the color and feminine feel of the dress.

  2. Gemma|

    I could stare at the photographs on your blog all day long, they’re so beautiful! I love the pieces you put together with this outfit. The dress especially :-)