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Happy Friday!  We survived the move- it was the most intense of my life to date but we are on the other side of it!  Or at least one other side.  We’re staying with friends who are like family- there are four of us, 3 dogs, one 7 month old baby and a bunny all living in 600 sq feet.  I know I’m a little crazy but I LOVE it!!!  And yesterday an offer we put on a darling Spanish house was accepted!  I don’t want to count chickens before they hatch, but it looks like we may have found our next home!  One of the things I was excited about with the house hunt here in San Diego was the possibility of landing in something Spanish- it’s so different from our home in Palm Springs and would offer the opportunity to go in an entirely new direction with the design.  OH ME OH MY!  Whether it’s this house or another, I really really look forward to decorating and sharing the process with you all here!  I think I’ve already asked you about a dozen times, but please keep your fingers crossed for us!  And now, a list of links for your weekend- and this time I mixed a little home inspiration, fashion, and entertainment in with the food!  Have a  great weekend everyone!  Much love.  xx- Sarah  {image via}

I find this home tour to be over the top inspiring- especially that dining room!!!

This apple cardamom oat crumble looks so festive and delicious!

Viva la taco people!!  Try these harvest tacos!

I’m planning to possibly sneak away to Mexico for a few days next month with some friends- and this might just have to come along!

This roasted veggie miso soup!

Two of my favorite style icons here and here, showing us how it’s done.

I would eat this passion fruit curd straight out of the jar!

I found this to be absolutely fascinating!

Because, pizza!

I’m loving this rug- and it’s on sale!

These spiced apple biscuit waffles sound divine.

This dessert is definitely not healthy, not vegan, not anything I wouldn’t sell my soul for!

Simple, flavorful, and roasted acorn squash, sounds like a win to me!

I’m always a huge fan of these, guaranteed to get a smile out of me!

Start your day off right with this vegan coconut bostock (aka french toast)!

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  1. Chris|

    Congrats! So happy for you! I love the fact that as you took the necessary steps forward (even though it was scary at times), things have fallen into place and have come to you. Yee-ha!

  2. Lynn | The Road to Honey|

    Fingers crossed you ultimately score the little Spanish house. We moved back to the states (a new city) from Kenya. My entire shipment of treasures including artwork and African antiques were covered in mold. . .so completely understand what it is like to go through a nightmare move. That said, I admire your ability to maintain sanity living in such a small space with so many.

  3. Valerie|

    Good luck with the house, and welcome to San Diego! My husband and I are vegans and dog parents too. If you want any information on vegan eats around town please feel free to contact me!

  4. Maureen Sutherland Weiser|

    OMG Sarah, I just lost a good hour on your list of Friday Links – I pinned so many of them! I made the Coconut Bostock for breakfast and it was unbelievable (even used some delicious whole grain GF bread that I made from the Gluten Free Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day cookbook. You MUST make this! Good luck with all your moving and hope you are settled in your new home in San Diego very soon. (I am a southern Cali gal who now lives on the east coast and miss my home state so very much)! Love your blog! Cheers, Maureen

  5. Karina|

    I love following you decorating process. Can’t wait to see what you can do with the new house.
    Also, I love bunnies. Your friends are lucky to have such an amazing animal.

  6. Monica|

    Yay to the new house!

    Absolutely keeping everything crossed for you guys – can’t wait to see the new home go through its decorating process.

    Monica x