Happy Monday friends!  I’ve been on a no super cold foods thing since January per the instructions of my acupuncturist.  But this weekend I broke, and I broke hard.  It was a chocolate peanut butter shake that did me in.  It’s such a simple drink to whip up, full of healthy things, and utterly decadent. I suggest you make one, even if your acupuncturist advises against it.  Because really, what’s one chocolate peanut butter shake gonna do?  And how is a girl supposed to live for more than three months without one?  SHE ISN’T!!!  xx- Sarah {recipe after the jump}


Vegan + GF

Serves 3-4



2 medium bananas

7 tablespoons peanut butter

4 tablespoons cacao powder

4 small dates, pits removed

2.5 cups ice

1 1/2 cups almond milk (more if needed)



- Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender and blend until combined.  Add additional almond milk and ice if needed to achieve a consistency you love!

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Reader Comments

  1. Emma|

    This looks amazing! Definitely worth going against your acupuncturist's advice for! I seem to do better with warm foods too but I still love icy smoothies and lots of raw veggies ;)

  2. Natasha|

    I've been making this so much lately, but without the ice. Our blender can't crush ice, so I've been wanting to try frozen bananas.

  3. sarah yates|

    Thanks everyone!

    @Kalyn- the runner was a gift from a friend, it's a fabric scrap from Guatemala! :)

    @ Lauren- the dates just add a little bit of extra sweetness! So you could make it without and if you prefer it sweeter add a little maple syrup or some honey to sweeten up a bit (or just use extra ripe bananas!) :)

  4. Seb S|

    A great recipe, I've been making mine with oat milk rather than almond though. I like mine absolutely filled up with ice and drunk immediately (as if anyone could wait anyway!)

  5. Katie|

    Yummy! I just introduced my friends to dates and they agreed with me that they had been missing out for the last 25 years of their life because dates are so delicious and sweet! I can't wait to make this smoothie. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  6. Beth C.|

    I am hooked on this shake! I substituted almond butter for Peanut butter & added some chia seeds. You will never want a regular shake again.

  7. Ebony|

    Please tell me who makes the glasses or where you got the glasses from.. I LOVE THEM.. and that runner too.. just gorgeous! Totally my style!