Are you looking for an insanely easy, exceptionally delicious and healthy meal that you can literally THROW TOGETHER?!  Ok, not literally.  Throwing food almost never works for making things delicious unless it’s pizza dough.  But you get the idea.  This dish is so simple and shockingly tasty.  I mean, I was shocked.  When I started it I thought I might’ve had an idea that was headed south faster than the snowbirds in January.  BUT. BUT.  BUT!!!!  Yes, three buts.  I was SO wrong.  Make it!  Please, please make it.  Then photograph it and share it with me on Instagram (hashtag #ahouseinthehills)  It will make my week.  It’s seriously the best thing since this salad when you guys share your kitchen adventures with me, I get huge amounts of satisfaction from it. Probably weird amounts.  Not creepy-werid, good weird.  OK!  I’ll go now.  xx- Sarah

Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Onion Salad

Serves 2 as a main dish, 4 as a side salad


2 large sweet potatoes

1 large red onion

3 tablespoons finely diced shallots

4 tablespoons white wine vinegar

High quality extra virgin olive oil

1 juicey, fresh, sweet tangerine (sub orange if preferred)

1/2 tablespoon dijon mustard

1/3 cup roughly chopped pecans

sea salt and fresh cracked pepper


- Preheat oven to 375 F

- Slice sweet potato into 1/4 inch rounds and add to baking sheet.

- Cut onion into 1/4 inch slices and add to baking sheet.

- Generously coat sweet potatoes and onions in olive oil.

- Sprinkle generously with sea salt.

- Bake in oven for about 30 minutes

- Mix shallots in small bowl with 4 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, 3 tablespoons high quality extra virgin olive oil,  the juice of one tangerine, 1/2 tablespoon dijon mustard and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt.

- Layer sweet potatoes onto, placing onions over the top.

-  Dress with shallot viniagrette and sprinkle pecans over the top.

- Season with additional sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste.

- Enjoy warm!

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Reader Comments

  1. Diana Susma|

    This looks amazing! You make me want to cook (which I rarely do because I still live with my parents ups) lol Great post as always xo

  2. thefolia|

    Okay, okay, okay…I will give this a shot with a twist. I am going slice my sweet potatoes thinner and drizzle the dish with balsamic. My little one is balsamic junkie and I am stocked with a few different balsamic bottles (all containing the grape must without caramel or sugars added of course.)

  3. Jillian|

    Sarah- Would you write a post on what you eat in a typical day? You obviously have a great body. I'm wondering about portion size and hitting all of the vegan essentials, etc.

  4. Alex|

    Your lighting on your photos is amazing! What kind of light do you use? If any. Also what type of camera. I am looking to improve my photos and I really admire your gorgeous photos if you can share any tips of your genius I would be most appreciative….come say hi to me at!

  5. Molly|

    I love this dish! I've now made it 3 times, serving it overtop a bed of spinach & adding goat cheese on top. The goat cheese melts on the warm sweet potatoes, and it is divine. Thanks for a great recipe!

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