When I made my first trip to the Hawaiian islands I realized I’d spent a good chunk of my life TOTALLY MISSING OUT!  I very quickly worked to make that right, thoroughly exploring every island, many of them multiple times. It fast became my go-to when I need to check out, relax, and get some quality vacation time in.  I love the islands for their warm turquoise waters, the lush tropics, and the variation of experiences available. There is truly something for everyone!  Today I’m busting out some of our old vacation snaps, many of them taken long before this site was even a twinkle in my eye.  I’ll be waxing on about a few of my favorite things to do on the islands, and hopefully inspiring your next vacation!  xx- Sarah  Brought to you by The Hawaiian Islands 

The first days of any of my visits to Hawaii are dedicated to planting my feet in the sand, reading a book, soaking up the sunshine and keeping cool with lots of ocean swimming!  I can practically smell the air and feel the sand between my toes just thinking about it.  The Hawaiian islands have some of my favorite beaches, some with more adventurous swimming (which for me means waves!), and some that are a little more protected and calm. I don’t discriminate though, I love them all equally.  And of course, snorkeling is always involved.  Nothing quite like seeing the fishies you’re swimming around with!  {so much more after the jump!}

Sailing on any of the islands tops my list of MUST DO’S.  Wind blowing through your hair, the sounds of sails flapping, DOLPHINS + WHALES, OH MY!  There are so many options for boating excursions, if sailing isn’t your jam there are other types of boat adventures to get your feet off the land and your eyes seeing the islands in an entirely new way.  I cannot recommend getting out on the water enough!  For those who won’t go near boats due to sea sickness, you’re in luck- there are helicopter tours to show you the islands from a different vantage point!  I’ve never been brave enough myself, but I’m sure I’ll build up the courage on one of these trips!

After I’ve thoroughly exhausted myself with beach days I like to head inland.  There’s insane-good hiking, waterfall exploring, and sight seeing to be had!  It’s basically a real life choose your own adventure book.  Pretty amazing, right?  Hawaii, I loved you the moment I first stepped off the plane and was so kindly greeted by the smell of clean island air.  And I’ve loved you every day since.  You are my happy place.  Thanks for being you.

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  1. sarah yates|

    Hi anon, Thanks for your feedback. As you can see from the photos (spanning 5 years and no less than 4 trips there) my love of Hawaii is very much real. Sorry if my writing felt forced, it most definitely wasn't! :)
    And yes, I try to make my advertising posts as blatant as possible, I would prefer you know right up front that the post is being sponsored. And these sponsorships allow me to run this site and fund the rest of the posts that I work so hard on!
    Thanks for understanding.

  2. Becky|

    I love Hawaii. Thank you for sharing and bringing back my own memories! But now my heart is aching to go asap!

  3. Amanda|

    Beautiful pictures…I always love checking out your blog. Fantastic style and delicious recipes!! Aloha from a long time Maui reader.

  4. tunie|

    home sweet home for me…though living here is very different from visiting!
    However, the sea is an ever present gift, and the beauty of nature is a constant source of nourishment. Love seeing your photos and hearing that you appreciate ALL the islands – they really are each so unique yet all still Hawaiian. One of my favorite books about Hawaii is a historical fiction account set in the 1850's called Ka'a'a'wa by O.A. Bushnell, if anyone's interested. I've read it over and over it's so good.

  5. sarah yates|

    Thanks so much everyone! I'm so happy that you love the islands as much as I do. And those of you that haven't been – I hop you get there soon!!! :)

    @ Ali- the bathing suit is pretty old- I think I bought it in 2008? Not even sure anymore who designed it. Sorry I can't be of more help!

  6. anon|

    I absolutely adore Hawaii, too, and I appreciate your gorgeous photos… HOWEVER this blatant advertising plug seems a little forced, even though you acknowledge it is a sponsored post.

  7. Jesse|

    Too many people slag off Hawaii, but really, it is one of the best places. Well done, beautiful pictures!

  8. Kate|

    My boyfriend and I were just talking this morning about how we need a vacation…to some place warm…maybe Hawaii. Lovely timing!

  9. Daisy|

    Hawaii is my happy place too!! It was the first oversees trip my then fiance (now husband) took together, and we've been back so many times since then. Like you, I feel instantly relaxed the moment I step off the plane and plant my feet in the sand. Beautiful pics Sarah – you have me dreaming of my happy place today!

    Daisy xo

  10. Holly|

    I couldn't agree more! I never thought much of Hawaii until I visited Kauai last fall and I quickly fell in love. It was relaxing yet adventurous. So perfect!

  11. Mandy D|

    Hey Sarah
    I was just wondering, in all of your travels have you been to any place that sells or serves organic food or food like you would eat at home? My husband and I are trying to FINALLY plan our honey moon (3 years later) and we want to go to a tropical place that has healthy food (vegan & organic) so we don’t have to worry and I thought the perfect to ask would be you! We were thinking maybe a spa. But if you have anything in mind please let me know!

    Mandy Dugas @ http://www.MandysHealthyLife.com

  12. Hyderabad|

    beautiful! i will be coming from hawaii islands as well as there exists surely some important variety on the countries!!!!