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Hey now, Wednesday!  I’ve got some bright, colorful and extremely lovely home inspiration to get you over the mid-week hump.  Good stuff, right?  That lamp in the top image and the painting in the second image- those two items could inspire an obsession- the kind where I spend hours tirelessly scouring the interwebs to find sources for things I probably can’t afford.  You know the kind?  Nothing like stumbling across a special something, devoting 25 hours of your life to tracking it down only to find it costs $17,000 more than you’ve got.  HOW CAN A COFFEE TABLE COST $18,ooo?!  {more important question- WHY AM I SHOPPING FOR COFEE TABLES I DON’T NEED?!}  This is my life.  Thanks for your support.  And Happy New Year my  friends!!  xx- Sarah

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  1. Theresa|

    i love how open and airy these are! I’m such a sucker for a bright white and neutral palette. Especially a fan of that painting in number 2 and that gorgeous bathroom! Thank you for sharing!