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Happy Friday my friends!  Is that not the prettiest bowl of food you’ve seen all week?!  Laura has a way with messy bowls of healthy goodness that just speaks to me.   We’ve been home from Bali for two days now.  I’m a jetlag monster with a hankering for everything sugary right now.  And I’m ready to dive head first into the holidays!!!  Wishing you all a magical weekend with the perfect amount of rest, yummy food, love and belly laughs.  Links for your weekend after the jump!  xx- Sarah {image via}

This Cinnamon Espresso Cashew Butter will probably make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Do you want these cranberry cornbread parfaits as much as I do?!

Simple, beautiful and undoubtedly tasty- this sourdough toast topped with swiss chard and egg looks incredible.

And this egg dish too- I love the looks of the shredded harvest hash!

This peach and ginger detox smoothie sounds ah-mazing!

I’d love to tackle this recipe for flax crackers!  To be enjoyed with my favorite garlic hummus.  Yes, please!

Salted dark chocolate and raspberry crumble.  Speaking my love language!

I’m pretty sure everyone needs almond ice cream in their life!

Mmmm, apple sage walnut bread.  Yes please!

A fall inspired breakfast bowl for you!

This maple cinnamon granola sounds perfectly sweet and tasty!

This vegan corn chowder is the perfect dish for crisp fall afternoons.

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  1. Sherrie|

    Agreed – Laura is a healthy messy bowl goddess. I followed your Bali trip on Insta + those poolside pics looked epic!! Thanks for the breakfast taco shout-out Sarah, xo.

  2. Jessie Snyder|

    Welcome home!! Love these links <3 and the reminder that no matter how much sweet goodness there is to be ingested, Laura has our backs with an amazing veggie loaded recipe to whip up! -xo