Red All Over


Happy December my friends!!  To celebrate the holiday season I’ve got some hue inspiration for you- specifically, my frenemy RED!  I have a love/hate with this bold color- I can never seem to decide if I want to marry it or banish it from my life forever.  Very polarizing.  This style inspiration has me leaning towards marriage though  To the color red.  NOT STRANGE AT ALL!!!!  What do you think?  Are you a red lover or would you rather color your life with softer hues?  These are the things I wonder about.  xx- Sarah  {images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5}

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  1. Jessica|

    I’m with you on your feelings toward red. But, oh my, No. 1 (Atlantic-Pacific) truly takes the cake. What a classic look, and what’s better than a love/hate bold color in a timeless fashion? That’s my holiday outfit in a heartbeat.

  2. Anne-Charlotte|

    I love the first total look in red! Not sure I would try it myself but on the photo it is very beautiful. I have chosen my favorite Lancel bag in red and I am so happy with it! Have a lovely day!