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Happy Tuesday!  I’ve got some home inspiration for you of the best variety!  I’m feeling the re-decorating itch.  I KNOW!  It’s terrible.  Our house is just barely finished.  And it’s not that I don’t love it, I can just imagine how fun it would be to mix it up!  I love the thrill of installing a new light fixture, or swapping out furniture, or painting.  And I LOVE CHANGE!!!  I have problems, I’m aware.  Which is why I’m going to live in the appreciation I have for our home and spend lots of time on the interwebs looking at other people’s homes to scratch my itch, which is WAY more reasonable than selling everything we own on Craigslist and starting from scratch, a very very bad idea that may have crossed my mind a few times in the past month. WHAT?!  I know…  xx- Sarah



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  1. Libby|

    The table the in the second to last photo is so great, especially paired with those chairs!