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Happy Friday!  I’m doing something a little different with today’s links, inspired by How Sweet Eats amazing roundups.  They’re all food!  A nice way to mix it up, for those of you that are as hungry as I am.  And can we talk about the  maple bacon donut  (vegan!) above that is basically begging the question, what are you doing with your weekend if not making and eating these?!   Have a great one my friends!  xx- Sarah

This beauteous gazpacho looks incredible.

Shaved cauliflower, raddichio, mustard AND walnuts all in this salad together! Yes please!

This rhubarb strawberry chia pudding looks delicious and healthy!

Try these curried chips and lemon sunflower spread at your next back yard get together!

These little caramel nutty squares of goodness are the stuff that dreams are made of—well my dreams anyway!

This pineapple coconut water sounds like the perfect way to hydrate.

These chickpea and barley stuffed onions would make a great summer side dish!

This parfait sounds absolutely amazing and is packed with so much goodness.

Nothing like a little twist on a childhood favorite, try this pb & j french toast on for size!

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  1. Shelly @ Vegetarian 'Ventures|

    Ooooh! Thanks for the mention – hope you ended up making the donuts and loved them! They win me over every time with their sweet and salty combination. I’m personally eying those curry chips…oh man…