Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have lots of fun and relaxation on the books!  I’m in a mad scramble to get everything done before I leave for Bali on Tuesday. I don’t know about you but I find the two weeks before I leave for a trip and the two weeks after I come home to be some of the craziest.  I’m ridiculously excited but I’m also getting nervous about the jetlag.  Anyone have jetlag survival advice for me?  It can knock me down like a flu and make me feel like I’ve got saran wrap around my brain!  I don’t want to miss enjoying even a minute in Bali, I need your tricks!  Thanks everyone, for being so awesome and being you.   I’ve really loved being able to respond to all of your comments with this new comment format, it feels much  more like a proper conversation now!   Happy weekending, links after the jump!  xx- Sarah

Let’s start with that amazing spring saffron stew above created by my dearest pal Farra and photographed by fellow Bird Jacqueline!  (recipe here!)

This smoothie sounds like a dream, I must make asap!

I just ordered this and I’m really hoping I love it as much as I think I do!

A reminder, and don’t even think this doesn’t apply to you because I PROMISE IT DOES!  (Also, this one)

I want to make an egg-less, milk-less version of these and I would like to drink these until I can’t walk (don’t judge!)

This home features the bed I dream of having!

Just in case you missed it, my heart.

Can someone please make this for me?  I’m lazy and busy but so hungry for it!!

This is so pretty and feminine and so good for summer!

A scientific reason why I should eat more chocolate?  I don’t even need to read it, knowing it exists is enough!

My friend Sarah is re-doing her bathroom and I know it’s going to be SO good!

Yesterday we got our dining room shelves back from being painted- and it’s insane what a difference it makes!  I cannot wait to share soon!

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Reader Comments

    • Sarah Yates|

      I can say firsthand it IS heavenly! I was lucky enough to have some after they were finished shooting. :)

  1. Erica|

    A restorative yoga practice, especially viparita karani (legs up the wall) is great for reversing the effects of jet lag. Have an amazing trip!

  2. PhotoGirl|

    After many, many years of travel, I have found that the best cure for jet lag is to put yourself on local time immediately. If it’s morning when you arrive at your destination but you are exhausted, DON’T GO TO BED. Get out there, be active, and stay awake for as long as you possibly can. Force yourself if you have to; it really helps. Also — no alcohol or salt on long flights. Not arriving bloated and swollen makes it so much easier to get right into the swing of things.

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thank you! I have tried that no-sleeping during the day thing…. I don’t know if it helps me? But the avoidance of salt absolutely does!!! :)

  3. Krissy|

    Sarah! Taryn and I went to Bali two years ago! You should look into the resort Desa Seni in Canggu – absolutely amazing. We also did a cooking class in Ubud – that was seriously the highlight of the whole trip. Have the best time!

  4. s.montgomery|

    It can feel so frustrating to wake up groggy (due to jetlag) in a new destination…so I take a shower with some sort of citrus scent (grapefruit/lemon) and then drink iced green/black tea and water like it’s going out of style. Also tiger balm (a dab on the inside of your wrists or at the base of your neck)…will kick-start your morning. Have a blast!!!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Love these tricks, thank you! :) I feel in love with tiger balm in Thailand years ago- the smell brings me right back there!

  5. Kaceyjt|

    I drink water like there’s no tomorrow and start running off of the local time as soon as I hit the ground! I haven’t had arrival jetlag yet! Coming home, of course, is a different story, but I don’t mind being groggy while I’m unpacking and taking care of all that unpleasant post-trip stuff:P

    • Sarah Yates|

      Oh I wish that worked for me- I’ve tried that so many times and end up just exhausted, no matter how much I withstand the first dat of sleepiness! But thank you!!!! :)

  6. Jacquelyn | lark & linen|

    Thanks for the link love lady!

    Ahhh, BALI! I am INSANELY jealous – I’m planning a trip there it in my mind already. In terms of jetlag: drink a TON of water on the plane. I mean LOTS. You’ll likely have to pee the whole ride but for some reason this really helps me recover rather quickly. Also, I always make sure not to plan a single thing on my first day – allow yourself to be lazy, hang out on the beach, and slowly adapt before jumping in to the busy stuff! have SO much fun!

  7. Hanna K|

    Water is totally necessary — I always fear I’ll drink too much and have to bother my seatmates with frequent trips to the loo. But usually it’s not a problem!

    When I flew to Hong Kong (15 hour flight!), I bought an aromatherapy nasal inhaler — it was a while ago, but i think it was a lavender-mint or something? It really relaxed me, and I was able to get some zzzz’s on the plane which NEVER happens. I think getting lots of rest pre-trip really helped me avoid jet lag.

  8. Maud|

    <3 so much links and it's nice to discover a lot of things.
    I'm sure that Sarah's bathroom will be beautiful !!

  9. Rasa @ The Vixen Life|

    That stew looks amazing – love the addition of the olives!

    My mom’s trick to avoid jet lag is to pretend that it’s the time of your destination when you’re getting onto the plane. She’s gotten so good at it, she starts yawning immediately if it’s “supposed” to be night.

  10. marlene|

    Don’t drink alcohol on the plane, just drink tons and tons of water. No caffeine either. don’t worry, I’ve been to Bali before and found it IMMENSELY relaxing. Massages are super cheap there. I recommend getting one the day or day after you arrive. You’ll be fine. Buy some furniture there. It’s sooo amazing. Go to Ku De Ta. You’ll love it :) Seminyak is a beautiful place.

  11. zee|

    hey! you should check out this site for loads of cool places to visit in bali- covers everything from food to spas: .. My best jetlag tip is not to eat airplane food! and trying to be on Bali time as soon as you’re on the airplane (whether thats forcing yourself to stay up or forcing yourself to sleep!). have fun!

  12. Steph|

    Woo, Bali! That’s exciting! I don’t have very good jet lag advice as it normally knocks me out as well, but I wish you sunshine, relaxation and all things delicious.

  13. Kristy|

    I just arrived in Bali Sarah, from Aus so only a 6 hr flight. Don’t touch the airplane/airport food & lots of water. I believe the more trips to the toilet on the plane the better for your circulation.
    Find a yoga class & get a massage as soon as you arrive & give your mind another focus other than the jet lag- you never know it might not be so bad this time! Bali is beautiful, you will feel settled as soon as you arrive:)

  14. Kara|

    Sarah, I just love your links. They are always so inspiring and the perfect way to start off the weekend. Thanks for sharing, I cannot wait to make that stew xx

  15. jacqueline|

    thanks for the lovely shoutout sarah! only just saw it (somehow missed it in australia). :) xx

  16. click here|

    After many, many years of travel, I have found that the best cure for jet lag is to put yourself on local time immediately.