We have a little snippet of progress that I’m so excited to share!  Last Friday our new dining table arrived, just in time for the holidays!  We went back and forth on tables, but really I’ve wanted this Saarinen tulip table for as long as I can remember so we went on a long search to find the best possible reproduction that we could.  And I think we found it in this Mobital table we purchased from AT HOM.  I couldn’t be hapier with the quality and we got extra lucky with an amazing slab of marble with really incredible lines!  We also replaced the neglected womb chair in the corner with a campaign dresser we snagged on One Kings Lane.  Still to do:  We’re having the bookshelves painted white, replacing the bird painting with a black and white photo (TBD) and swapping out the light over the dining table.  It’s so fun to see it coming together!  More soon…. xx- Sarah


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  1. carrie|

    I love the warmth that the wooden bookshelves add. To paint or not to paint?

  2. Jen|

    Are you _really_ sure you want to paint the bookshelves? They are a beautiful color and add warmth, as carrie said. Or you can get new built-ins and give me your wooden bookshelves 😉

  3. Colette|

    Love it! Could you please let me know the name of the paint you used on the walls? Love the crisp white 🙂

  4. sarah yates|

    oh you guys have me second guessing the bookshelf painting! but yes…. we're going to do it! i want the space to be all shite with accents. it will look great i think, and the living room which is right beside it has the big brown sofa to keep it cozy. 🙂
    @colette, it's the classic white paint. i forget what it's called but when we had the painter over to look at the bookshelves he said that the white we have is the most standard white paint there is. 🙂

  5. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone!

    @jeni- the rug is vintage, purchased at Haus Interiors in LA.

    @kaylan, the seat covers are sheepskin throws from ikea!


  6. Meg Pearson|

    Love it Sarah! What about painting the shelves almost all white but leaving a couple random parts the warm brown? Just a thought. 🙂

  7. Amy S|

    I LOVE those shelves. Especially in the rich wood tone. Where are they from??? I have been looking all over for some like that for our house!

  8. nicole|

    hi! obsessed with the saarinen table as well and tried to find yours but to no avail:( mind if i ask the name of the company that made it and the size? also, is it sturdy or do you find it wobbles? it’s absolutely stunning!!!!