I’m so happy you all liked the post about our trip to South Carolina with Cadillac!  I just love sharing these stories with you, it makes me feel like I’m bringing you along with us.  I know at the very least I can give you a peek into some of the places we visit that you may never have been and that brings me so much happiness I can’t even explain it.  I know it’s so cheesy, but it’s true!

Today’s post is about what we did after we left the Palmetto Bluff Inn, leaving our Escalade adventures behind for a ride in the SRX!  Details of the road-trip we took from South Carolina to Florida are after the jump!  You can expect lots of silly vacation photos, some hair that does not do well in humidity and a little more fried pickle talk, among other things. Hope you love!

Cadillac33 Cadillac34

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Our first stop after a long day of driving was the coastal town of St. Augustine.  It’s the oldest city in the US and neither of us had ever been so we were excited to check it out.  We arrived late in the day and went straight into tourist activities- strolling around the streets, eating french fries and people watching.  I don’t know what exactly it is but I find tourist watching to be endlessly entertaining.  There’s nothing funnier to me than a family on vacation with a disgruntled tween or more endearing than an older couple wandering around with a map looking at architecture.  I just love it!

Cadillac31 Cadillac32 Cadillac36

I was completely charmed by the architecture and side streets, and the end of the day light was so beautiful.  But mostly I was thinking about dinner, as usual.  Per your awesome recommendations on Instagram, we headed over to The Floridian for our St. Augustine feast!  I love that they offer some healthier dishes alongside the traditional southern fare.  And of course we couldn’t resist the homemade fried pickles!  This is also where we finally asked the question the entire trip had begged: “WHAT ON EARTH IS PIMENTO CHEESE?!”  The answer- cheddar cheese mixed with mayonnaise- had me laughing.  It’s a southern thing I may never understand, but I appreciate the dedication to it- it was on every menu we saw!

Cadillac37 Cadillac38 Cadillac39

The next day we took off to see family in Tampa via Daytona, stopping along the way for some silly photographer action on a road that was just mind-blowingly beautiful.  My love of Spanish moss knows no bounds!  I can’t get over how incredibly lush parts of Florida are.  This trip made me want to do even more exploring- I’m dying to get down to The Keys!

Cadillac40 Cadillac41

This dress is my perfect road-trip outfit, it’s so comfortable but with my favorite boots and bag I still felt cute even after a long day of driving.  That’s no easy feat so I owe a lot to this frock!  And I’m pretty sure you can see my hair slowly growing in volume as the day goes by- all of you who live in humidity I give you all the props in the world for managing your hair!  I end up looking like Chewbacca at the end of a day in high humidity!

Cadillac42 Cadillac43

Do you take these kinds of ridiculous photos on your vacations?  We can’t help ourselves!  I have an archive from our entire life together that documents us at our most ridiculous- many of which I would never consider fit for Internet consumption.  But it’s always such a fun way for us to remember our trips.  A picture of us being awkward or silly is always way more appreciated when I look back through vacay snaps than even my most stunning landscape photo, it just brings back different memories I suppose!

Cadillac44 Cadillac45 Cadillac48 Cadillac49

When we finally made it to Daytona a mist had rolled in and cooled the day down.  It made for a great stroll along the water and I was just so happy to dip my toes in the Atlantic ocean!  There’s absolutely nothing more refreshing after a day in the car than to stretch your legs and go for a sandy stroll down the beach.  (outfit sources: coverup and bathing suit)

Cadillac46 Cadillac51 Cadillac52 Cadillac54 Cadillac50

Thanks so much for following along on our latest adventure!  We’re off to Bali in a couple of weeks and I’ll be taking you overseas with us as well!  xx- Sarah

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    • Sarah Yates|

      Sorry to hear you feel that way. I think it’s a great car, but I can’t really speak to the gas mileage of this car or any comparable cars in the market. Crossovers are large cars and require more fuel, but driving around in CA I only feel safe in larger cars with there being so many giant trucks on the road!

  1. jenna|

    looks like such an amazing trip! i am wondering what lens you guys use? the depth of field is incredible! :)

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thanks Jenna! We use a variety of lenses, but we were shooting primarily with the Canon 50 1.2 and the Canon 135 2.0. Hope that helps! :)

  2. AM|

    Gee, the SRX looks a lot roomier than I thought – they are sharp! I <3 Florida, too. :)

  3. Molly {Dreams in HD}|

    my boyfriend and i are trying to figure out what we want to do for our anniversary…you have seriously inspired me to plan a road trip for us. absolutely gorgeous photos, such an adventure!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Oooooh, I bet you had such a good time! Thank you, I can’t wait to share! xx

  4. sarah|

    bali is the best. the best. the best. the fresh fruit and healthy food in Ubud is at the top of my ‘favorite food of all time while traveling’ list ;) Lovely photos BTW!

  5. jenife|

    Sarah its so fun to be on these trips with you lol.
    Out of the two Cadillac SUV which was you favorite and why? Did the Escalade drive like the SRX to you?
    And were they really the best fries?

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thanks Jenife! The Escalade was a great ride- I was surprised at how easy it was to drive- I thought it might be a bit trickier given it’s size. The SRX was great too, but I think I actually preferred the Escalade just because I could imagine us packing up the car and the pups and going for adventures with plenty of room to spare! :) And sadly, no, the fries weren’t even CLOSE to being the best. ha!