This year is FLYING BY, isn’t it?!  I can’t believe we’re creeping up on March already.  Around the New Year this inspiring message from Bhava Ram arrived in my inbox and I’ve been clinging to it.  This message of hope and empowerment, it’s just what I need for this year.  And I’m certain there are those of you reading who will love this reminder too.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  And I’m so grateful for that.  Happy weekend everyone!  xx- Sarah

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  1. Kate|

    Wow. I think I was meant to read that this morning as I tiredly rolled out of bed, made the kids pancakes and just sat down with my first cup of coffee. We all need reminders that we are in charge of our lives and if we don't like the way it's going, we have the power and inner strength it takes to change that. Thank you for the inspiration!


  2. Erica|

    Printing now! This is so perfect and exactly what I needed this day/week/month. Thanks :)

  3. lavenderhill|

    Hi Sarah – I wanted to share with you a mind over matter technique called EFT Tapping solution. You may want to check this on the internet & books written by Nick Ortner & tapping by Jessica Ortner. It helped me get through tough days & stressful situations.

  4. tameeka|

    I said the same thing earlier this week, 2014 is going by TOO FAST! Thank you for these motivational words :)

  5. melissa|

    I love this!!! Isn't Bhava the best? He is my mentor & teacher & I am honored to have been accepted into his Yoga Teacher Training program this spring. He & Laura, oh my, such good people!

  6. john|

    Thank you I REALLY needed to see this. I've been in a rut for awhile now and this surely has inspired me.