Lou and I feel so incredibly fortunate for all that we have, the friends and family we love so much, to be able to do what brings us joy, to fill our bellies with delicious & healthy food each day, and rest our heads on pillows in a cozy bed each night.  This Thanksgiving we have so much to celebrate that I’m beside myself.  One of the things I’m incredibly, overwhelmingly grateful for this year is A House in the Hills, and you.  We recently celebrated two years of sharing here in this corner of the interweb and I never in my wildest dreams could’ve imagined that it would come to mean so much to me.  So thank you for showing up, for reading, for your sweet comments, for supporting us in crafting our dreams.  We are forever grateful.

I’ve loved sharing our home updates with you, and I’m so excited today to bring a little bit of the fun we’ve experienced in furnishing our sweet little house to one of you!  On Black Friday one lucky reader is going to kick off the holiday shopping season by winning $500 worth of goodness from Max Wanger’s Print Shop and Shoppe by Amber Interiors!  That’s right, $250 in each store to find something amazing to spruce up your home!!  You’ll recognize Amber’s pillows from our couch, and if you aren’t familiar with Max’s heart stopping work, well, you’re in for a treat more sweet than the apple pie I’ll be baking for Thanksgiving dessert.  (He and Margaux are the dear friends who photographed our wedding!)  Information on how to win after the jump.  Good luck everyone!  xx- Sarah


– Please visit Print Shop and Shoppe, make a wishlist and leave it in a comment below.  Make sure to leave your correct email address in the comment form so we know how to reach you!

– Winner will be chose at random, Friday morning and notified that day.

– One entry only, please.


*Print Shop is having a one day sale on Black Friday, offering 15% off and free shipping on domestic orders with the discount code “GOBBLE”!  

** AmberMax, Margaux, and Print Shop are all on Instagram!  

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Reader Comments

  1. kim|

    HELLO! THANK YOU. I am an artist and just saw MAX WAGNER work for the first time today. I love it!! I would choose the talum piece. I think I might have purchase one of these one day. I would choose the dhalia pillow from SHOOPE.
    Thanks again for your blog and always sharing so much.

  2. Morgan|

    I love the tulum or new york prints. And the scooby rug would be the perfect addition to my living room. Thank you for such a delightful giveaway!

  3. Ashley|

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love the Padma Quilt in Gray, and the Dhari pillows! The "Cloud" image is to die for, too!

  4. Jaclyn Reynolds|

    Would love the Casper rug and the teepee print. Really neat stuff!!

  5. Stephanie|

    I have wanted a large print of "Palms" for a while, to complete my dining room. I also really love "Fly Away" to put in my bedroom. It would look amazing on my black walls. I just love the movement in this one.

    From Shoppe…I am just getting started on outfitting our guestroom bed and would be so, so excited to put a few batik pillows or one of those gorgeous kanthas on the bed. Dream come true!!

    Such a good giveaway! Thank you!

  6. Erika M|

    What an awesome giveaway! I have been dying for a huge tulum print ever since I saw it in the dining room of Bri from designlovefest. Ambers shoppe has the best pillows- I especially love the candy pillow and the Nona pillow. Reading you blog is one of the highlights of my day!

  7. sarah|

    i would snap up wither teepee or clouds from max's shop. REALLY BIG.
    as for amber's shoppe i would take just about anything. but since i am planning my kid's big girl room i am in the market for some of the pink embroidered pillows.
    pick me! pick me!

  8. Queso|

    Jump, dip or love from Max Wanger (dream wedding photographer!) and love that Geode pillow from Shoppe pretty please!

  9. Nicole|

    Max Wanger's Ice Cream print is so great. And the Kanthas blankets are stunning.

  10. Tammy|

    All of Max Wagner's pieces are beautiful, but the Tulum, Love, and Ferris prints really stood out to me.

    I LOVE the Benny rug and the Peter Dunham sheba pillows!

  11. Amanda|

    I'd pick the "Skate" print and the "Candy" pillows. And then maybe my little east coast rental would start feeling kind of west coast chic . . . .


    What's not to love with both??

    Love, Tullum from Max and from Amber I've been lusting over some of her custom pillows for a while now. I particulary LOVE her Peter fig leaf pillows and her blue batik pillows. I've been saving 😉

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  13. tahiti|

    tulum has been a long time favorite of mine, but splash is my computer background so I have major love for her as well.

    ooooh I would be happy with any of shoppe's pilllows, they would be so perfect on my all white bed!

  14. DOD|

    So hard to choose! I love the Upside Down print (for my son's room), and I adore the batik pillows.

    Thanks for the great give-away!

  15. Lynsey|

    Shoppe: Ikat Pom Pom Pillow Square Size, Scooby Rug, and dying for her new Pom Pom Throws she has in the works!
    Print Shop: New York, Teepee, and Pool Party are pretty much the BOMB!

  16. Elise|

    I LOVE the skate print & adore every pillow, but especially the "Callie" right now! My sister-in-law, Callie, is pregnant and this would look so perfect in the future nursery! And if it's a boy, I guess I could take it off her hands!

  17. Jacquelyn|

    Both websites are great, I personally love the ferris and heart string prints and the kantha 21 throw.

  18. wynne|

    So exciting, moving to new house so white horse and jump would be beautiful for daughter's room. Shanghai and Batik pillows are the best. Eyeing the Custom Vintage indigo headboard too.

  19. katie|

    the Navajo rug and "Fly Away" print caught my eye immediately. but there are so many good things!!! love this.

  20. Lindsey|

    Pink Balloon from Max Wanger would look adorable in my daughters bedroom.

    Geode 1 & Gwynn pillows and Wind rug from Shoppe.

  21. Kate King|

    I would love to have 'clouds' , or 'big sur' above my bed. So calming and peaceful.

    As for the shoppe I dream about having one of everything. Particularly loving Ambers pillows and rugs. Just moved into my new house and it's in serious need of some TLC from the Shoppe!

  22. Trisha Schulte|

    I have been OBSESSED with Max Wagners Palms print, but also love Tulum and Love! I have the Vivvie, Lolo and Sadie pillows on my wish list. 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway! xoxo

  23. Anni|

    Ahh, love them all! My couch is screaming for some of those Batik pillows (maybe Candy?) and I love Max's palms print something fierce.

  24. Nadia|

    Omg!! This would make my thanksgiving so much more awesome! In the shoppe I'd love the Ikat pompom, or the Sadie, or the vivie, or the Peter Durham Sheba…too much awesomeness! And the ice cream art print is do cool!

  25. Julia|

    Two highlights of my year so far: one week NYC on my own and swimming from island to island in Greece. Therefore, I'd love to put either "dip" or "new york" by max wanger on my walls in Hamburg, Germany.

  26. Claire T|

    Tulum is just so amazing. The colors and the warmth, something definitely missing here in cold winter months. But White Horse and Big Sur are also pretty amazing! I also probably need one of every rug in Ambers shop. COLOR!!!

  27. Michelle|

    Ahhh I so hope I win this!!! 🙂 I love the tulum print you have up…though dip is pretty adorable too. Anything in the Shoppe is gorgeous, where do you start? Love the Maya rug, vintage indigo pillows, anything with pompoms… Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  28. shannon|

    Such a great giveaway!! Love you all!! I totally dig skate, hollywood, and tulum; and the Ikat pom pom pillow square and the Jo lumbar.:) Thanks!!

  29. Tricia|

    I love all of Max's prints, but I think I'd go with Skate or Teepee…. probably Teepee. For Amber's shoppe, I'll take one of everything, but if forced to choose, I'd go with the Rosie pillow!

  30. Rachel|

    wow, what an awesome giveaway! i am obsessed with the colors in the tulum print. and at shoppe…one of everything? here's hoping!…

  31. Alison|

    You really can't go wrong in either of these shops. I especially love the Batik pillows and Max's ice cream print! Happy Thanksgiving!

  32. Jo|

    I LOVE the pink balloon and the ferris prints and absolutely need the blue rug, the benny rug, the padma quilt and the Etta pillow!

  33. Tori|

    Max's work is spectacular! I love his palm print so much! and the amber interiors navajo rug is gorgeous! I am grateful for such a great giveaway!! thank you!

  34. Amber|

    I love Big Sure from the Print Shop. It's so calming. It takes me away!

    The Geode 1 pillow from Amber Interior Shoppe. Pretty much anything in her shop. Love it!

  35. Corrie|

    A Daphne Rug and a Clouds Print would look amazing in our house! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  36. veronica|

    I would love the teepee print! and a lovely kantha from amber's site! Awesome giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed I win. And great job with the additions to your house, it looks perfect!

  37. Liza|

    I love Max's print, flip! The New York is quite magical too. Tough decision really.
    Amber interiors makes me drool. The custom vintage indigo headboard by is my jam! (although maybe one of her blankets is more realistic, kantha 22 please).

    thanks Sarah! What fun.

  38. Liora|

    That's wonderful – thank you for your generosity!

    I LOVE:
    Candy Pillow
    Jo Pillow

    Warm wishes from Berlin, Germany

  39. Claire|

    I love both these artists! I've been pining for a Max Wanger print for so, so long! It would be totally tough to choose, but I think I'd go for Tulum or Ferris or Teepee… Amber Interiors has gorgeous pillows. The Candy Batik is so beautiful.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  40. Noelle|

    Yellow balloon or beach daze prints and Casper rug. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  41. Megan|

    I love the yellow balloon and new york prints from Max Wagner, and the Vitta and Dhari pillows from Shoppe. Both sites have such lovely things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Rachel Johnson|

    I love Max Wagner! The ice cream cone print would be so cute in my kitchen and the heartstring would be great in my office. I really like the Peter Dunham sheeba pillows from Shoppe!

  43. elizabeth|

    I love Max Wagners tulum, and EVERYTHING in amber's shoppe…especially the dahlia pillow, the batik pillow, and the laura pillow.

  44. nicole|

    Best give-away! Such a hard decision but I wish (for Amber to do my living room)…Gwynn pillow and the Skate print.

    Happy Turkey Day!


  45. myka|

    Max's big sur print is stunning! I'd love to hang that bad boy in our living room. And that candy pillow in Amber's shop is amazing!

  46. janae|

    i love the skate and Big Sur prints,
    and anything and everything from Amber Interiors i love it all!

  47. Alexis|

    In the Shoppe, I love all the throws and pillows with green and purple. For prints, I love love, and airplanes!

  48. Katie|

    I LOVE the Big Sur print by Max Wagner. Such a gorgeous location that I have always wanted to visit. The pillows and rugs at Shoppe are all beautiful but I really like the Vintage Suzani pillow! Thanks!

  49. Giulia|

    I'd get the blue moon pillows and any of the beach/ocean prints from Max. I love his work! Great give-away!

  50. Ali|

    My dream giveaway!!

    I would love Tullum from Max and from Amber I would LOVE her Peter fig leaf pillows and her blue batik pillows.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  51. Kathryne|

    How awesome! My wishlist includes theToby rug (a girl can dream!) and Max Wanger's Splash print. Thanks for a great giveaway! Love your blog.

  52. Karli|

    Is this a dream??! This is one of the best giveaways I have seen in a long time! My wish list could go on for days…. Let me narrow it down for you.
    Max Wanger
    I would be purchasing the "Skate" print for my daughters room. She has been skateboarding since she was a year and half. Then I would also get "Tulum" for my bedroom. It is my husband and I's ten year anniversary this year and I am praying he is surprising me with a trip to Tulum. Lastly, if I could squeeze one more print it would be the "Pink Balloon" for my living room.
    Amber Interiors
    This girl has an eye I wish I had!! Her designs are truly unique, bold, and fresh. If I was chosen to win a gift card it would be hard not to buy everything but this would be the first to enter my cart.


    Kantha Blanket

    Honestly, it would be a debating match in my head whether to purchase pillows or use credit towards one of her amazing Kilim rugs!
    If I had to choose it would be between "Gloria" or "May".

    Here is the email address you could contact me at if I happen to be the lucky chosen one. Just sayin. Wink. Wink.

  53. Shannon|

    I would choose the mini print and then the plane2 print for my father-in-law, and I have wanted a batik pillow FOREVER.

  54. michelle|

    What a great giveaway Sarah!

    I love

    Max's Shop:
    – ice cream
    – beach daze
    – pink balloon

    Amber's Shop:
    – Geode One Pillow
    – Navajo Rug

    Wonderful stores! Thanks!

  55. barb c|

    pillows from amber, and one of the water prints from the print shop. what a great giveaway!

  56. Keegan|

    From the print shop I love "fly away" and "teepee". From Shoppe I love the Sheba pillow, vintage indigo pillows and the kantha 25 blanket.

  57. Zoe|

    I'll take the Daphne rug from Amber and the White Horse print from Max please. What a way to kick off the holiday season!

  58. season|

    love it all…but of max's prints i love teepee, tulum, ferris and of amber's i love the janine & roses rugs!

  59. Lauren S.|

    I love Kantha 22 from Amber Interiors (really, ALL the kanthas), and Max Wanger's Big Sur and Clouds. Excellent giveaway!

  60. carrie s.|

    Embroidered pillows from Shoppe and the teepee print for our baby boy's nursery. what a give-away, thank you!!

  61. Julie B.|

    Love tulum and Amber's Etta pillow (or ANY of her pillows, for that matter.)

  62. Meagan|

    Any of their throw pillows or I might put it towards that gorgeous indigo headboard!

  63. sarah|

    The fly away print and the Candy pillow would add so much to my living room! So pretty!

  64. Sarah|

    I'd love the ice cream and LOVE prints by Max Wanger, I've had the LOVE one pinned for awhile! I'd also like the Roses rug from Amber interiors!

  65. dana|

    I love both Tulum and Hollywood and have been eyeing them for a while. Also LOVE the Geode 2 pillow.

  66. caitlin|

    SHOPPE WISHLIST: gwynn pillow, benny rug + navajo rug! great accent pieces! PRINT SHOP WISHLIST: ice cream, palms + upside down! love the small details in these prints, which make them that much more special!

  67. Julia|

    So hard to narrow down! I was just on Max's print shop site last night wishing for everything. And I stalk Amber's shop on the reg too! Want it all!

  68. sarah|

    In Max's print shop, I've had my eye on Tulum and Big Sur for months now. Love both! In Amber's shoppe, I adore the batik pillows and the ikat pom pom pillows. Also, might need a kantha for this long cold winter : )

    Thanks for the fabulous give away.

  69. Juliette|

    I've been admiring the Shoppe for so long! I love the arrowhead rug, and for the prints, it's the "Love" one all the way.

  70. lynn|

    Such bright colors over in the Shoppe! I'd pick up a Gwynn, an Emily, and a Candy to add to my new mid-century couch.

    And from the print shop, the Big Sur photo. Hands down. In fact, I may just buy it for myself right now!

  71. Lindsey|

    I adore Max Wanger's Tulum print and have had my eye on it for quite some time! Shoppe's pillows are gorgeous. I especially love the Geode 1 pillow.

  72. amy|

    i'm a sucker for beachscapes – Max's Tulum is gorgeous. And Ashley's Fiona pillow is exquisite!

  73. Kate|

    Ooo I love the Tulum print, of course, but also New York and so many others… and I think I want to cover my house in rugs and pillows from Shoppe – specifically the Janie, Gloria and Blue rugs and all the Batik pillows 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  74. meaghan [for a song]|

    Great giveaway! From Amber's shoppe, I'm really digging her Peter fig leaf pillows. I would literally take anything from Max Wagner, I'm a longtime fan but don't own any art yet…but I'm partial to the ice cream. Thanks!

  75. sarah|

    Print Shop: Dip 16 x 24, Tulum 16 x 24
    Shoppe: Shanghai & Emily Pillows

    So many lovely things, it's hard to choose!

  76. jessica|

    So much to love in these shops! Even though its hard to narrow down, I'm going with the Navajo Rug from Shoppe & the Palms print from Max. Such great additions to any space, good luck everyone!

  77. Carrie|

    I just adore all of Amber's batik pillows…and that Daphne rug! Adore.

    Max's work is all so peaceful and beautiful, but Big Sur always leaps out at me. I can envision a massive, massive print of that gorgeous seascape in my living room. Ah.

    xo + happy thanksgiving!

  78. Chas|

    So many beautiful items! I love them all! My top favorites are-

    Print Shop

    -Big Sur
    -Fly Away


    -Ikat Pom Pom Pillow
    -Dale Pillow
    -Gwynn Pillow
    -May Rug
    -Custom Otomi Headboard

    Best of luck everyone! 🙂 Thanks Sarah for such a great giveaway!


  79. Carolyn|

    What a fabulous giveaway! I love Max's New York and Beach Daze and Pink Balloon. I'd take anything from Amber's Shoppe, but especially love the batik pillows and the kantha throws.

    Thank you 🙂

  80. Deb|

    Love the Pool Party print at Print Shop. Makes me want to jump in! At Shoppe, my wish list is the Dhalia and Shanghai pillows. Would look great together. Very boho!

  81. Bethany|

    I love the tulum, mini, and fly away prints to name a few. The kanthas blankets are gorgeous! Thanks!

  82. Kristi|

    I love the Tulum picture and all of Amber's rugs in the Shoppe! Great giveaway!

  83. Elle|

    I'd love the "clouds" photo and in Shoppe: the kelly wearstler pillow and the ikat pompom lumbar!

  84. Emma|

    Is this open to international readers? I love the Shanghai pillows and the Kantha 25 throw.
    So many prints I love but "fly away" is my favourite.

  85. Heather B.|

    tulum and liberty are my favorites from max (LOVE his work!) and the ikat pom pom square pillow is so fun and would be the perfect addition to my bedroom!

  86. Beatriz|

    What a wonderful giveaway!
    As far as favorites, my "wish list" consists of Palms (stunning minimal piece), and Tulum <shown> (reminds me of childhood in Puerto Rico) both by Max Wagner.
    My favorite pieces from Shoppe by Amber Interiors are they "Audrey" pillow and the "Kantha 22" blanket.
    Don't get me started on the rugs! They are great, but a bit out of my price range.

    …and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  87. Jenny|

    I love Max's "New York" and "Big Sur" prints because they're two of my favorite places, and doesn't a Kantha throw from Shoppe sound so cozy for the winter?

  88. auste|

    Oh, I have been lusting after Max Wanger's photos for so long… So much beauty, so hard to choose a favorite, And those Batik pillows would really jazz up my living room sofa. Gorgeous.

  89. Shana|

    Love the Teepee & Ferris prints and the Sheba pillows! So good. Great giveaway!

  90. Nate|

    Max Wanger is my photography hero(along with Lou Mora of course)!
    1- Print Shop "Skate" print or the Tulum print. Iconic!
    2- Blue- Woven Cotton Rug

  91. Croc|

    Plane 1 and Plane 2 from Print Shop by Max Wanger and the Dottie pillow from Shoppe by Amber Interiors!!

  92. Alyse D|

    I have always loved the Tulum print! The16" x 24" Dhalia pillow is my favorite. Thank you!

  93. Melissa|

    I love the Tulum print and the Ikat pom pom square pillows. What a great giveaway!

  94. andrea|

    Shoppe: Gwynn and Pom Pom pillows and the Toby Rug!
    Max: Upside Down, Skate, Mini!

    thank you!

  95. Rebecca|

    Obsessed with the colors in Shoppe's Daphne rug. Hard to choose a print, but right now I'm loving Pink Balloon and Tulum!

  96. Kristen F|

    I just love the Dottie pillow in Amber's shoppe and I have always been obsessed with the fiddle leaf fig fabric so I would love the Fig pillow:) In Max's shop I love Dip and Skate, but they are all amazing!

  97. Sarah|

    I love the big sur photo from print shop, or one of the planes would be great for my sons room. As for shoppe, one of everything please! Probably one of the kantha's.

  98. Cate|

    I've been coveting the "tulum" print for what seems like ages, so that's high high high on my wishlist. (I almost bought it for my sister for Christmas last year. My nephew was almost named Tulum, because that's where he was, um, made. TMI, probably, but sorta sweet, right?) And the 'scooby' rug. Just so good.

  99. Stephanie Rose|

    It's gotta be the Tulum print, (for reminding me that there's light at the end of the NYC wind tunnel!). And to brighten every day, the Kantha 17 throw and Dahlia pillow.

    Thank you all for the awesome giveaway!

  100. sophie|

    I love the Dhali pillow!! SO beautiful.
    AH! the print shop has too many beautiful options. I love nature so I would have to say: tulum or clouds.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  101. Melissa|

    First off, I just want to say that I really enjoy your site 🙂 I happened upon it within the past year and it's one of my favorites to come to for your photos and stories. So thank you!!

    As for the giveaway – I have been eyeing up the beautiful pillows of Amber Interiors! My faves are the Emily and the Ikat pillows, but any would be gorgeous. As for the prints, I love them all – so refreshing and bright.

  102. Alexandra|

    Print Shop: Love all the pieces but my favorites are Tulum, Skate, Ferris, and Dip.

    Shoppe: Everything! Especially the batik and embroidered pillows with pops of pink and the colorful rugs!

  103. Jess K|

    Guh, how to even choose. I love them all. Especially Clouds, Palms, Ice Cream & Tulum! & I love the Emily & Audrey pillows!

  104. kelsy|

    Super rad giveaway!

    I've been lusting after Max's Tulum print since basically forever. Thanks to designlovefest, it's currently on my desktop but I would love it even more if it was in my home!! The batik pillow in candy and donna, from Shoppe, are basically what my dreams are made of.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  105. Deanne Hyde|

    Love both of these stores! My Wish List from the Print Shop would include Tulum, Clouds and Dip. My Wish List from Amber's Shoppe would be pretty much everything, but top of this list would be a batik print cushion… Or three!

  106. Aly|

    I love the Big Sur print from Print Shop and Maile and Blu Moon pillows from Shoppe!


  107. Sarah O.|

    Pink Ballon Print (makes me nostalgic for my childhood) and the Ikat Pom Pom pillows (what a fun way to liven up my sofa!). Thank you!

  108. Jen|

    I love the county line print and the candy pillow! So fun + congrats on your site Sarah!!!

  109. kira|

    Would so love to win this for my new apartment! Love the New York print and the Geode 1 and 2 pillows!

  110. Shannon|

    Liberty from Max is beautiful and would be perfect on my wall 🙂 I love the Blue rug from Amber and it would fit my living room perfectly!

  111. Lisa C|

    I love the pillows in the Shoppe – especially the batik and embroidered pillows

  112. Tess|

    I love "wave" and "fly away." Also, given my name, I have a certain love for the Tess pillow too!

  113. jamie|

    i adoreee every single one of the batik pillows. i dont even know how to chose.

    The max wanger prints are amazing as well – love the clouds and big sur prints.

  114. Katy|

    I love "pink balloon" and the candy pillows. I love picking things that speak to me and then finding how to work them into my apartment rather than the other way around!

  115. Lauren Koster|

    I already put one item from each on my list! I would love the New York print and the candy pillow. Good luck to me and thanks for the giveaway!!

  116. Laura|

    Goble goble goble to you and your family! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Love this giveaway. Thanks for hosting it. Would love to win anything but especially love the Kantha 25 blanket and the Dalia pillow. Also loving the heart print and heart strings print. Have a great holiday!

  117. kelley|

    Love both of these sites.
    for the Print Shop i dig on the Wave and the Ocean prints.

    I love all things on Amber's site, but thinking the Vintage Batiks are the best

    great give away!!!

  118. Paige Kepner|

    so in love with splash and tulum from max wagner! obsessed with the casper rug, would be gorgeous in my daughters' room!

  119. Jane|

    So many pretty things, am very torn over the prints because they are all so lovely. I would have to lean towards Solitude, County Line and Tulum, because it is a truly gorgeous place and my little family and I had such a special holdiay there.

    As for all the lovliness at Amber's shoppe, I would love the Kantha 17 throw and so many of the pillows but the Sadie, Etta and Dhalia are quite pretty. Love the blog Sarah!

  120. stacy|

    The socal or tulum prints from Max Wanger would add some much needed sunshine to our freezing cold Philadelphian fall; and the tess pillow from Shoppe would be a joy to cozy up with! Thank you so much for the amazing give away!

  121. sam|

    I might just need to copy and paste this wishlist and send it on to santa! Beginning with Max's multi-colored New York (or maybe Pink Balloon!) and the Kantha 25 blanket (dots, navy blue, and floral print? sold!!)

  122. Saundra|

    I have been drooling over Max Wanger's Tulum print since I first laid eyes on it. That Dahlia pillow would look be so perfect in my daughter's room! LOVE them both!

  123. Lauren D|

    I love the flip print at the Print free and fun. New York is a really different, unique skyline of the city.

    At Amber Interiors, all of the Kantha blankets are just gorgeous. I could see 22 and 25 on my couch.

  124. Caroline|

    Both sites are incredible! The love print is so sweet and a perfect gift for my boyfriend. The Otomi headboard is incredible…a girl can dream!

  125. Lucy|

    I would love one of Max's nice big Tulum prints for our living room, to make every day feel like a vacay, and Shoppe's Blue rug to spice up our hallway.

  126. Lucy|

    I would love one of Max's nice big Tulum prints for our living room, to make every day feel like a vacay, and Shoppe's Blue rug to spice up our hallway.

  127. Lucy|

    What a great give away! I would love one of Max's nice big Tulum prints for our living room, to make every day feel like a vacay, and Shoppe's Blue rug to spice up our hallway.

  128. Kate|

    Oh. Man. I just moved to a new place in Brooklyn– my first apartment as a real, salaried human being and not a broke grad student– and it's in serious need of decorating! I'm a west coaster at heart, so I LOVE the Max Wagner prints, especially the Flip and Greenbrier prints. As for the Shoppe, I'd kill for one of those rugs. The Gloria or May would look insane in my place. Pick me!

  129. kate|

    What beautiful pieces! If I had to chose, my favorites would be the candy pillow and new york and tulum prints. They would all look great in my new house in Charlottesville, Va!

  130. colleda|

    I've been so thankful to stumble across your blog. We recently made your harissa roasted veg bowl and it has been on repeat in our house – unfortunately we don't have access to harissa locally, so we've subbed with sriracha.
    I'm in love with the flip prints that Max captured, something about flying through the air seems so magical.
    Amber Interiors makes so many gorgeous things, but I'm eyeing that antique persian rug in the sale section
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  131. Deb johns|

    Pool Party print and I'm coveting the Daphne rug for our newly purchased mountain home!

  132. LiLi|

    Amber's Shoppe is amazing! I would buy the Velma Runner Rug. At The Print Shop, I would pick Big Sur, one of my favorite spots. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  133. Shaunna Keller|

    Max Wanger Print Shop: Flip, Flip 2 and Flip 3 would look incredible along my new brick wall in the loft I am moving into…on black friday!!! I am also craving New York and Fly Away

    Shoppe by Amber Interiors: Candy and Gwynn pills are amazing! They would go absolutely amazing with my dark grey mid century modern couch!

    As always, incredible giveaway. Thanks for the constant inspiration!! xx


  134. Paige Peterson|

    WAVE is gorgeous. And the ikat pom pom pillows would look so cute on my bed!

  135. Tanya Mc Donagh|

    In the print shop i would choose the 'Jump' print (reminds me of myself and husbands travels, and doing this!) and in Amber Interiors i would either choose one if the following pillows – Tess, Emily or Candy or the Navajo rug for my 2 sons room.
    Excited to be in with a chance to win, Merci:-))

  136. Griffin McCabe|

    I love the teepee and hollywood prints from Print Shop and the Blue and Benny Rug from Shoppe Amber Interiors are killer! What a great giveaway!

  137. ashley k|

    i'd definitely go for the 'county line' print by max and the darling ikat pom pom pillows!
    i would be so grateful to win such beautiful things from such talented artists!

  138. Vanisha|

    Hi Sarah, I've just come across your blog and it's absolutely gorgeous! I really don't know where to start. I'm looking forward to reading and exploring more 🙂 Vanisha xoxox

  139. Colm McDonagh|

    I would love the 'Wave' print, it's just beautiful and reminds me of endless possibilities in this life and also one of the Dahlia, Callie, Lola, geoda cushions/pillows or the Navajo rug.
    Thank you, Colm

  140. Natalye|

    The prints are lovely – growing up on the West Coast and now living a bit of a trek from the water makes me miss it. County Line and Big Sur are my favorites.

    As for Amber Interior, I love the rugs. I am definitely looking to get a new one to spice up our living room, although the color and pattern is, thus far, undecided.

  141. Robyn Swart|

    I would LOVE a "LOVE" print and a "JUMP" print…
    and I love the ""BRIGHT" pillow and the "LAURA" pillow 🙂
    Love your blog Sarah! You are awesome!!!

  142. Alexandra|

    Such a great giveaway, I love the Dip and Tulum prints and the Laura or Audrey pillow..

  143. Allison|

    From amber I would pair the vintage indigo pillows with Sadie on our army surplus canvas covered sofa.
    From Max it is hands down Dip. It reminds me of every vacation we have taken as a family.

    Best giveaway ever! And happy thanksgiving to you and all your readers.

  144. Carlie|

    I'd love to fill my living room with Amber Interiors' Tess & Donna pillows and Max's love print!

  145. Andrea|

    I would be "thankful" this year for one of Amber's batik pillows and the "Fly Away" print from the printshop. Have a good Thanksgiving.

  146. Steph|

    Thank you Sarah! This is an amazing gift. 🙂 I like New York and Ice Cream prints and Audrey and Candy pillows.

  147. Allyson Pease|

    I have coveted Max's Love print for a while now, as well as the Fly Away print! And I think Amber's Padma Quilt in blue is gorgeous. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  148. nadege|

    either the love or heartstring prints from print shop, and the ikat pom pom pillows from shoppe. fab!!

  149. Kerry Hyatt|

    What an awesome giveaway! Love your blog as always and loving the chance to have my living room look as great as yours. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 🙂

    Wishlist for Print Shop:
    Tee Pee and County Line

    Wishlist for Shoppe:
    Pillows in Geode 1 and 2 and Vitta

    Both are great sites. Thanks for turning us onto these.


  150. sstrebel|

    Love the Liberty print from Max and the embroidered pillows and all rungs from Amber! So hard to choose!

  151. sarah verena|

    I LOVE Max Wanger's "county line" and the Gwynn pillow is exactly what my living room needs!

  152. Kirsten|

    oooh! I've been eyeing the Big Sur print for some time now and that geode pillow is pretty fantastic.. fingers crossed!

  153. Katie Romero|

    I'm so in love with Max Wanger's Tulum print and am obsessed with all print via Shoppe! Especiallt the Gwynn and the Fig prints!!! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  154. Ashley|

    Is it ok to say one of everything?
    But if I had to choose I would pick the Teepee from Max and any of throws from Amber. They would look so dreamy over my white bed spread!
    Fingers crossed!

  155. d|

    The Tulum photo is amazing. I can only imagine waking up to that everyday!
    Amber Interiors has some amazing pillows and rugs, but I would have to say the Gwynn, Bright and Ikat pillows lead the pack. For now anyway…. Subject to change in the next hour. 🙂

  156. Anisa|

    Shoppe by Amber interiors

    Padma quilt in lavender
    Vintage Suzani
    Donna Paula
    Benny Rug

    Print Shop

    New York
    Pink Balloon

    Dear Sarah,

    I have been following your blog since I first discovered it earlier this year. I immediately started following you on Pinterest and Instagram because of my love for your blog. My dream is to be become a professional interior decorator. When I saw the picture of your living room, I simply freaked. It is my favorite room I have ever seen online {and I've seen a lot!} . I especially loved your neon dipped vase, the pillows and the couch. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE pick me for this giveaway because it would mean the world. I LOVE your blog and thank you for creating it!

  157. KA|

    Love Max Wanger's "new york" and "greenbrier" and the Shoppe's Geode 2 pillow and the Vintage Suzani! 🙂

  158. Rachel|

    I LOVE the wave, tulum, fly away and white horse prints!!! NEED the Roses rug from Shoppe please! Fingers crossed, and thanks for the chance!

  159. Renae Hatch|

    Ahhhh this is INSANE!!!! I have been coveting everything, I mean EVERYTHING in the Shoppe for months! I was able to purchase a pillow about 6 months ago during an Insta sale for my Jewelry studio, which I just love.
    So with that said, it is SO hard to choose which items to put on my 'wish list' as I love everything. BUT, I love the Velma runner rug, the Vintage Pillows (Suzanni, Geode 2, Indigo) and then the Indigo Headboard (GAH I think I need to steal that somehow! Amber where is your warehouse!?? 😉
    In the Print Shop, I love the simplicity of the Heart and Ice Cream print, just so simple – yet there are so many emotional attachments you have with the photos – each person can remember a time in their lives when they had ice cream as a child when things were easy and simple and the heart represents so many things in life.
    JUST love it all!!! AHHH how many times can I enter this contest! haha!!

  160. taya|

    such a huge fan of max wanger's ice cream print. impossible to look at and not be blown away by all the fun and sun summer has to offer.

    love shoppe's casper rug. what a beaut!

  161. riley|

    Oh, I love these things.

    I love the splash and tulum prints, as well as the batik pillows called donna and jo.

    Thank you for all the hard work, I'll keep checking up!

  162. Erica M.|

    I love the Tulum print. I also love the fig leaf pillows and the blue batik!

  163. ian|

    Tulum or Socal prints, and any of the padma quilts, Geode 1 and 2, Dale, Audrey Laura. Yes!

  164. alison love|

    Thank You for your Generosity 🙂
    I love the New York & Dip from Print Shop.
    the Etta and Dahlia pillow stole my heart

  165. Katie|

    So hard to choose! I love the Kantha quilts in Amber's shop and I also have my eye on the Wind rug. My wishlist for Max's shop is endless, but at the top are the Fly Away, Heart and Liberty prints.

  166. Jennie C.|

    Max's "Jump" print and Shoppe's Kantha 17 are to die for! Would love to have both of these in my new digs! Love your blog, Sarah!

  167. Alex|

    I am obsessed with Amber's pillows, especially the batik pillows and the Shanghai pillow.

    Max's prints fit perfectly with my blue and white aesthetic, but I think Big Sur is my favorite. Love the lines.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  168. Kristina|

    I am wishing for the tulum or dip print, but my husband would probably prefer wave. As far as the Shoppe goes, I've been lusting over all of the batik pillows for some time.

  169. Jennifer|

    What an awesome giveaway! Lets see from Amber's shoppe my favorite has to be the Blu Moon pillow, the Etta pillow, and the Beni rug. At Max's shop I love the Flip series and Upside Down. Really hard to decide! Crossing my fingers!

  170. Leigha|

    I love them all but tulum and solitude are just amazing and the Kantha's in Amber's Shoppe are fantastic!

  171. Patricia Walsh|

    I love the Blue Rug or Candy Cushion and in the print I love the Wave print.
    Thank you

  172. Jessica D|

    The tulum and Laura would go perfectly in my living room! Incredible giveaway and blog! Loving the house updates, keep up the great work!

  173. carrie gerend|

    Gosh. This is hard. Only because I love it ALL. But here goes. From the Print Shop by Max Wanger — dip, love, pool party and teepee. We have a pool at our house. I feel like I'm breathing in the wonderfulness in each photo. Annnnnnd at Amber Interiors Shoppe…Well. Since I've been stalking her site for years now, I already have several items on my Wanted list. First – the new Padma quilt in pink (for my Stella's bed), the Benny rug for my family room, and PILLOWS!!! – blue batik or a vintage indigo pillow…And I would kill for some of her custom drapery.
    Here's to dreamin…

  174. jessica|

    i could find a place for all the print shop photos in my tiny house … but I love big Sur, the plane 1 and plane 2 series, fly away and jump. As for Shoppe … I could snuggle up with a Rosie, Tess, and Dhari pillows and a Kantha 25 blanket!


  175. Nicole|

    Wind Rug, Kantha 17, Shanghai, Dottie and Bright Pillows from Shoppe.
    Wave, New York, Big Sur, Plane 2. White Horse from Print Shop.
    Everything is gorgeous!

  176. JessieM|

    I love the "Skate" print of Max's, and the Kantha 24 and Vintage Indigo Pillows from the Shoppe – so good!

  177. Amy|

    I LOVE the Clouds print and the Kantha 24 blanket and Geode 1 pillow. These would look fabulous in our new home! Thank you for the giveaway!

  178. Amy|

    I LOVE the Clouds print and the Kantha 24 blanket and Geode 1 pillow. These would look fabulous in our new home! Thank you for the giveaway!

  179. kristen|

    I have been a fan of both Amber's shoppe and Max's photography for a quite some time now, so this is really exciting! I'd LOVE the Dip print and the Love print from the Print Shop and if I could get my hands on a Tess pillow and a Blue Batik pillow from Amber's Shoppe, that would be amazing!!!

  180. rhi|

    the flip series! I have always tried to perfect my flip, but yet constantly ending with a flop in the pool. And I melt over the ikat pillows!

  181. Stephanie|

    For the nursery

    Print Shop:
    Upside Down 16×24
    Pink Balloon 16×24

    Kantha 17
    Kantha 21

  182. jen f|

    What a rad giveaway. I have been admiring Max Wanger's "Tulum" forever…Would dive right in, go big on that one, and make up the difference with my own cash. Amber is new to me and I love! The Dottie pillow is calling my name and my bed. Thanks for the chance to win such beautiful things from amazing artists!

  183. cara|

    a match made in heaven!! lusting after the tulum photograph from max and the daphne rug from amber.

  184. Meghan C|

    I would choose either the Tulum or New York print and the Emily pillow. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  185. Nicola|

    Love, love love everything that Amber does & everything the shoppe carries, especially the Callie pillow & the Daphne rug, gorgeous! It would be hard to choose a Max Wagner piece, but I do love Ice Cream & New York.

    Thanks for the fab give away!

    n m leckie at yahoo dot com

  186. Kimber|

    I have been lusting after the Tulum print for a month, and I love the simply named Blue rug.

  187. Mike M|

    I really like Plane 2 from the Print shop and the Padma Quilt in Grey from Shoppe.

  188. Tiffany|

    Tulum will forever be one of my favourites…. it is just sooo timeless! and the pillows from SHoppe – I would happily take any of them to warm up my place!

  189. Kara|

    I'll take one King Blanket in Orange from Shoppe and Clouds from the Print Shop. The list goes on but I think everything would be on it so….

  190. Jess Anderson|

    I LOVE all of Max Wagner’s work and have his County Line piece is actually on my baby registry! My husband and I are from Huntington Beach CA and we now live in Nashville, but we’re decorating our baby girl’s room with a beachy/surfy vibe and since he used to love surfing at County Line, it’s such a meaningful and beautiful photo that I can’t wait to have in her nursery! I also love his SoCal and Solitude pieces. I also love the Kilim pillow in washed pink which would add a lovely accent to the nursery.