hi everyone, hope you had an amazing weekend!  i mentioned here that i would be sharing another couple of recipes that are my go-to when i’m not feeling 100%.  miso soup is a staple part of my diet, especially when i’m unwell.  miso does wonders for the digestive track, immune system and overall health and  has been proven to lower the risk of many cancers, including breast, colon and and lung cancer.  it’s been linked to longevity in japanese and chinese cultures.  it’s been incredibly helpful in healing my body and restoring my health on the occasions i’ve started to get sick.  and the best part: it’s so incredibly simple to make.  and delicious!  i’ve shared how i make it after the jump… xx- sarah


1 cup of filtered water

1/3 cup thinly sliced leeks

3 dried shitake mushrooms

1- 2 tsp miso paste (amount will vary depending on the type/strength of miso and your personal taste)

2-3 pieces of dried wakame


– in a small pot bring water, leeks and shitake to a boil

– while water/leeks/shitake are cooking mix 1-2 tsp miso paste (i prefer this miso) with a tablespoon or so of water and mix until it’s dissolved

– turn heat on stove to lowest possible setting and add miso to pot (you do not want your miso to boil, a heat deflector may be required if your burner won’t go low enough to cook without boiling.  alternatively you can add miso after the vegetables are cooked and remove from heat immediately)

– cook for 2-3 minutes on lowest heat, until vegetables are soft

– when almost done cooking add wakame or wait until cooked and add 1/2 sheet of nori torn to pieces

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  1. Jeanine|

    Miso is my go-to when I'm not feeling well too… along with shiitakes and sea veggies. I love how your recipe only has 5 ingredients. A must try 🙂

  2. Sally|

    Oooh I love miso, but have never attempted to make it. This looks delicious and sounds so easy, I'll have to give it a go, thanks!

  3. Siobhan|

    ohhh, I love me some miso. I feel basically the same way, it has restorative qualities for sure! I crave it when I am sick more than chicken noodle (probably because it's what I had growing up) and it's sooo good for a hangover.