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as i mentioned on friday we had our first big party at the house to celebrate lou’s birthday yesterday.  it was one for the record books.  it was the first time we’ve had so many of our friends from different parts and times in our life all in one place.  our friends came from all over the country to celebrate with us and it filled me with this overwhelming sense of love and family.  today i’m left with a lot of bruises, a bit of a hangover, a million amazing memories and a heart so full that it feels like it could burst.  in my survey you asked to see a bit more of our personal life, and while this may not be EXACTLY what you had in mind, i hope it at least gives you a smile.  one of lou’s birthday wishes was to have this moment, him on the swan and whichever guests were willing gathered around as he sprayed us all with champagne.  i was skeptical, but i have to say it was pure magic!  xx- sarah (video by our friend brian who also did our wedding video!)

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  1. Kari|

    Ugh, I missed a good one. Looks super fun and fantastical… Happy to see Lou had a great b-day!

  2. Maryn|

    Your wedding video is so beautiful and touching. I've seen people "put it on" in their wedding footage, but it is clear that you are so into each other as if the camera wasn't even there. Love.