it’s a miracle that i’m getting this up before sunday!  as usual i grossly underestimated what it would take to throw a birthday party for lou and have been scrambling around all day trying to get it all together!  but, here goes…weekend entertainment after the jump! wishing you a summery weekend with great food, friends and lots and lots of laughs.  xx- sarah

places like this exist.  i can barely wrap my head around it! 

you simply must watch this video.  and then get your bum outside and make the recipe!

this looks like a fun variation on one of my summer favorites!

lookit this genius ikea hack by my sister from another mister sarah, it will blow your mind!

stumbled across this home tour and nearly choked.  love it so much!

on my wish list: thisthese, and this!

i was a little tickled by this experiment with everyday quotes and graphic elements!

what do you think, is social media revealing our inner narcissist?

i always, ALWAYS love a great makeover story

i want to spend an afternoon here, with a book and few puppies.

and last but not least, our reader of the week! (leave your blog in the comments to be considered for next week!)

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Reader Comments

  1. Elizabeth|

    Thanks for all the recommendations :) Its a wintery saturday morning where I am, and this is perfect entertainment while I try and catch some warmth. have a lovely weekend! x

  2. Hanna|

    Thanks for the tips! I clicked around a little bit and stumbled upon your sister's cabin makeover – wow, what she dud to that place is simply awesome!! also live the pesto recipes, must try it soon.

  3. KAIT|

    Thank you for choosing me to be your reader of the week! I'm thrilled and so flattered :) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Alicia|

    First comment here but I've been reading your blog since…I don't remember!
    You're such an inspirationnal girl!

  5. Sarah of a fine line|

    Throwing a party is SO MUCH WORK! I also hosted a party this past Saturday, and my husband and I barely slept the night before. The weather was awesome, and it was a great party though! Hope the same was true of yours!

  6. Simone Anne|

    I always love your posts!! Ahh! You find the best stuff for your Friday links. I made these Vegan Fudgesicles last week and posted them on my blog over the weekend. They definitely are something that made me think of you! I'd looked up a bunch of recipes but everything had a million ingredients, so I decided: forget it, I'm improvising! And then I made these. And they are AMAZING. And take like two seconds to make. SO yeah. :)

  7. A.Co|

    I saw Sarah's dresser – what an amazing and CREATIVE job she did!

    That Melbourne house looks awesome, it reminds me a lot of your house snippets you've shared! No wonder you love it :)

    That cottage make-over is nuts. WHAT! It looks like a totally different place – love the blue exterior and the bench inside at the table. Did you see the blue toilet BEFORE?! ICK!! :P

    I think the reader of the week thing is a good idea, I checked out last week's girl and liked what I saw :) Love finding new blogs to enjoy.

    Would love to be considered for next week's 'reader of the week' :P