casual saturdays

white converse are very possibly the only clothing item i loved as much at age 12 as i do now.  they’re timeless., right?  i’ll pretty sure i’ll never quit them.  and why should i?  they’re the perfect shoe for running errands around town, riding bikes with your husband, and brunching with friends on a lazy saturday.  white converse, this is basically a love letter to you.  sincerely yours, sarah yates.

SHOP THIS OUTFIT: jeans: AG adriano goldschmied , tank: saturdays surf nyc (old and borrowed from lou), shoes: converse, sunglasses: mosley tribe (similar), watch: marc jacobs, bracelet: mercedes salazar

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  1. Liz {What Dress Code?}|

    Those have got to the be the most pristine white chucks I've seen — my white Vans have seen better days with scuffs and I think even a red wine stain — I guess it's time for a run through the laundry with some bleach to get them in fine form in time for summer!

  2. Hanna|

    I agree with you on the love for white sneakers, thugh I mostly wear vans instead of converse sneakers. You can just wear them with anything and feel instantly cool. It only takes the right shoe.

  3. Carly|

    Hi there!!! Just curious how the baking soda experiment is going. I had to finally abandon ship once my hair basically became dreads. How is it going for you? Have you "turned the corner?"

  4. karla|

    Love a monochromatic & laid back look! I totally agree with you, Converse are definitely an object of my affection too!

  5. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone! @carly it's going great, i'm pretty much hooked i think. the apple cider vinegar really helps me with the tangles, but i also brush it every night with my fancy brush (purchased with the idea of future shampoo and conditioner savings :) ) i have had some pretty greasy days, but only because i am trying to go longer and longer without using anything in it. but nothing horrendous at all and as soon as i give it a baking soda/apple cider vinegar rinse it's back to great. so much more manageable than it used to be, less frizzy. overall just really happy with it!
    i have a hair appointment in a couple weeks and i will get my stylist's opinion and report back! :)

  6. Kim|

    Love your blog and sense of style! My white jeans hang solemnly in the closet awaiting their turn, thank you for inspiring me to break them out with my chucks and a nice T!

  7. Meghan|

    This is a kind of strange question, but do you wear your sneakers without socks? Or do you have really sneaky low ones.

  8. Camille|

    Love how crispy clean and utterly simple this outfit it. Always so classy in such a chilled kind of way. PS: are you still doing the No Shampoo experiment? Love from South Africa.