gifts from japan

as i mentioned this morning, lou was in tokyo while i was in tulum.  when i got in late last night i found a pile of sweet japanese gifts he brought home for me.  so of course i photographed them all!  because aren’t they amazing?!  i can’t wait for my turn to go to tokyo.  i’m besotted with all things japanese- from tea towels, to washi tape, to sweet little rice bowls and perfect little sake sets- I CANNOT GET ENOUGH!  i’m so happy to add these to our kitchen collection.  thank you mr. mora for being so sweet to me.  see the rest of my new goodies after the jump!

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  1. Rebecca @ Pavlova's Dog|

    How thoughtful of him! And immaculate taste. Hopefully you'll make something tasty in the very near future so you've opportunity to showcase your crockery wares with a recipe post? (hiiiiint!)

  2. Latrina|

    So sweet & thoughtful of him! I hope to visit Tokyo (or Japan in general) someday. Such wonderful and unique culture there.

    By the way — I am in love with your blog. I stumbled upon it this morning and I have probably spent the last half hour reading through posts you have written. Your style and food posts are probably my favorite! I adore your style… I don't think I have found one outfit I didn't wish I owned myself. :P

    Your pups are ADORABLE. I have a dachshund that I just love to pieces. So I enjoy little stories & imagery of pets. :) So sweet.. yeah, you definitely have a new admirer here. :) I also very much love your blog url, too. Very fitting!

  3. lauren|

    that rabbit tea towel is fantastic. what a sweet husband! (with great taste:) i'm off to HK in a few weeks and hoping to find some cool trinkets, although i don't think they'll ever compare to the great design in japanese products!

  4. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone!

    @rebecca- you can bet on it! :)

    @maggie- yes! that's my favorite thing about japanese design. so gorgeous in it's simplicity.

    @latrina, thanks so much for the great note and welcome!

    @lauren- ooooooh, i want to go to hong kong too! that sounds amazing!