TULUM, i miss you already

hello everyone!  i’m back from tulum (equal parts happy and sad!).  this morning i woke up next to my husband, which was amazing as he’s been all over the country and world the past few weeks while i was also away.  it felt like we were a million miles apart and there’s nothing sweeter than a reunion with the ones you love (and being showered in kisses from pups who also feel as if you’ve been gone for a lifetime).  i’ll be sharing bits of my tulum visit with you soon and hopefully some of lou’s photos from tokyo as well!  i’m also really looking forward to getting back into the kitchen!  i’m so inspired by the food we ate, so will be posting lots of food recipes in the upcoming weeks.  basically what i’m getting at is… I’M BACK AND IT’S GOING TO BE EXTRA FUN AND YUMMY AROUND HERE!!!!  xx- sarah

photos via my instagram

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