mara hoffman’s 2013 swim collection

mara hoffman is one of my most favorite designers (you may remember these high waisted bottoms that i adore!)  her eye for color and pattern is an inspiration and i get so excited every time she releases a new collection.  see her 2013 runway show here on the huffington post.  and shop her amazing new collection here and here. hope you love it the way i do!  

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  1. micha|

    Yes! I'm obsessed with bikinis, and I LOVE Mara Hoffman! I'm more of the athletic bikini type, but I like to pretend I'm a classy, stylish mom in one of her suits.

  2. fromtheloftabove|

    oh my goodness, these are going straight on my honeymoon wishlist. i especially love the last dress and the second one-piece. i have a feeling you'd also like zimmermann swimwear – have you seen it? it's an aussie brand with a similar aesthetic of awesome prints and design!