sweet potato avocado bowl

this meal was inspired by rebecca’s instagram. i’m not entirely sure if she invented this goodness or just introduced me to it, but either way i’m now indebted to her forever.  it’s so easy (although not quick because baking sweet potatoes does take a bit!) and way more filling and satisfying than i even expected. since it’s not really a recipe as much as it is a mix of ingredients best adjusted to your preferences, i’m just going to tell you how i eat it: one baked sweet potato, one half of an avocado the size of my palm, two limes, a bunch of cilantro, lots of sea salt.  add tabasco for a kick. have a tecate to make it a party. BOOM!  you have yourself an amazing meal.  hope you love it as much as i do!  more after the jump.

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  1. Vespa Woolf|

    We love avocadoes and since they are grown nearby, they're not too expensive. This sounds delicious and I'm glad to have a new way to eat all our avocadoes! Thanks.

  2. Jessie|

    Hey there!

    I eat baked sweet potato's with avocado's all the time, and am glad to find out others do as well!! Soooooo yummy :)