lou’s birthday surprise!

last wednesday was lou’s birthday, so the night before i told him to pack an overnight bag (with a swimsuit) but wouldn’t give him any other details.  on the morning of we scooted up to the ojai valley inn & spa to celebrate, and let me tell you that place is heaven in southern california. it’s so blissfully quiet and peaceful it’s easy to completely check out of any and all pressing life issues as soon as you arrive. ahhh, it’s relaxation at it’s finest- a pool, incredible spa, wonderful staff to take care of you and nothing but mountains and trees around you. 

usually i prefer no-brainer reading material for vacation time but this book has me so enchanted i couldn’t leave it home.  have you read it?  makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen!

we had a sunset dinner on this balcony overlooking the property and mountains. amazing! and the food, it was the best meal we’ve eaten in a long long time.  the staff there is so attentive and kind- they were sweet enough to remember lou’s birthday and bring us champagne as soon as we sat down. those little things make all the difference, we felt completely pampered and looked after during the entire stay.  i know, this is reading like a sponsored post but i promise you it’s not! i just loved it and can’t say enough great things about it. so, if you live in southern california and want to check out for a day or two, add this to your “to-visit” list.  you won’t be disappointed.  

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  1. Laura Podrasky|

    I loved the everlasting meal. Makes me really conscience of the food I buy. Spa looks and sounds awesome!!

  2. Diana|

    I absolutely love that book, An Everlasting Meal. I took it on vacation as well. Nothing better than savoring some relaxation and beautiful words. If I were closer to the west coast I'd take a trip to this spa since it looks divine!

  3. paige|

    i love ojai…so beautiful and quaint. i stayed at the inn several years ago and i didn't want to leave! sounds like you had a lovely time. :) happy (belated) bday, lou!

  4. Lauryn Duke|

    Hello Sarah! I love everything about this blog. I especially love this post because I live in Ventura. Ojai is magical.