let’s go! 4 seasons bora bora

lou and i are seriously bouncing around the idea of bora bora for our belated honeymoon (and in our fantasty world, staying here)!  it’s pretty much all i can think about. it’s been a dream of mine to stay in an over-water bungalow since the second i knew such a magical thing exists.  also, and i am saying this with NO SHAME WHATSOEVER, i soaked up every minute of the kardashian vacation there on keeping up and it just looks like heaven on earth. And this past week I may or may not have watched tamra from the real housewives of orange county get engaged there and been insanely jealous of their tropical getaway.  Again, NO SHAME.  have a lovely weekend everyone!  i am headed to booneville, ca (no joke) for a wedding for birds of a feather!

*more places i am dreaming about here and photo gratefully borrowed from here

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  1. Krysta|

    GO! I desperately wanted to honeymoon in an over-water bungalow (Bora Bora or the Maldives) but it was such an investment of time (and let's be honest, money) that we couldn't do it right after our wedding. But, we are determined to make it happen in the coming years before we have a baby. Dying to go!

  2. Kate|

    Girl, I've been dreaming of those little bungalows for YEARS!! A couple I know got married in Bora Bora and their pictures looked like they were straight out of a travel mag…I say you guys drop everything and GO immediately! Have a lovely weekend and have fun in Booneville :)


  3. Shelby|

    Soo hubs and I were lucky enough to go to Tahiti for our honeymoon – Bora Bora and Huahine. We LOVED Huahine (which is where we had the overwater bungalows) a little more rustic and much less commercial than Bora Bora. Anyway – we stayed at the Te Tiare Resort on Huahine http://www.tetiarebeachresort.com/ and practically had the whole place to ourselves.
    Email me if you want more info ;)
    But one recommendation (wherever you stay): be sure to book a "deep water" over water bungalow so you can dive off into the water. (some at our Bora Bora resort were in very shallow water with lots of reef.)
    Fingers crossed you guys make it happen – there's no place on earth like Tahiti. xoxo

  4. Jessica|

    I am not even engaged, but decided about the time I was 15 that I WOULD be honeymooning in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora… 10 years later the dream is still alive! I hope you get to make your dreams come true

  5. Teresa|

    You have to go! I went 6 years ago for my honeymoon. We stayed at the pearl beach resort in bora bora and stayed in an over water bungalow. It was a beautiful resort! Can't wait till you go and post lots of pics so that i can relive my vacation! :)

  6. Ana Maria|

    Do it! I live in Malaysia now (LA girl) and it's ridiculous how many beautiful places exist in this part of the world – come and ENJOY them. The flights and travel time are the hardest hurdles to get over but once you are here the prices can be so reasonable and even crazy cheap. I have yet to do a water bungalow stay but it's on our list, too!

  7. paige|

    yes, yes, yes! i just told mark the SAME thing. we didn't have a proper honeymoon (we eloped and i was pregs), so i'd love to go somewhere romantic and tropical. bora bora looks like just the place!

  8. Erika|

    Sarah! This is where we are going on our honeymoon in September – staying at the St. Regis. I can't wait – it was at the top of my bucket list too! You should go in say, September, and then we can grab drinks! xoxo

  9. Lauren|

    We just got back from our honeymoon in Bora Bora last week! We stayed at the St. Regis after many hours debating between that hotel and the Four Seasons … having been, I couldn't recommend the St. Regis more – for various reasons including the fact that they're located right next to each other but the St. Regis includes complimentary boat rides to the main island, while the Four Seasons charges you an arm and a leg to get off property. Let me know if you need any additional info!