this week is flying by!

i’m signing off early for the week my friends! we’re headed out to the desert to photograph a wedding here and will be having a little fun in the sun before and after. here’s a few links to keep you entertained till we get back!

a behind the scenes interview with me on vmac&cheese! (including places i want to visit and books i want to read!)

i’ve been pinning up a storm these past couple of weeks, if there’s a pinaholics anonymous i need in! 3 others to follow : 1 2 3

the answer to happiness, in case you’re on the hunt

a sneak peek of something pretty

a little something to make your ears happy

our friend max posted his year in review recently, and boy is it amazing!

a sweet little something that’s on my wishlist

hope you enjoy!

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  1. The NOW|

    Aghhhh!! I've always wanted to stay at the Viceroy!!! How fun!!! I am obsesssssssed with Pinterest too!! I'll have to follow you!!! xoxo elizabeth

  2. Jessica|

    omg! my brother, sister-in-law and little nephew are in one of max's "year in review" pictures (i mean, she does have of a blog, but still!). amazing!