i can’t stop eating this

my most favorite lunch lately: very garlicky sauteed collard greens with quinoa, sea salt and a few splashes of balsamic.  SO GOOD!  try it, i promise you’ll thank me.  *i use 4 large cloves of garlic with 1 bunch of greens- this might not be the best meal to pack for lunch in a shared office space. 

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  1. Jaclyn|

    This sounds so tasty, I love simple recipes like that. So glad I came across your blog, I love your content.

  2. Anna|

    I like these simple meals, I will try doing this, because it sound delicious. Though, you are right, it is probably not meant for large offices/class.

  3. Julip Made|

    I can't get enough of collard greens and/or kale lately. They make the best base to pretty much add anything on to or just on their own, roasted (kale chips I mean)! Do you mince or have larger sliced of garlic?

  4. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone! @julipmade i rough chopped it, but sliced would be good to if that's how you love garlic.

  5. healthy eating|

    This dish sounds super healthy. I definitely need to start making it for my lunch or dinner. It's light, but very nutritious. Thanks for posting!