hey now,

let me state, for the record, that i look like a homeless person when we walk the dogs. sometimes i think i see my neighbors tucking their children quickly into their homes when we turn the corner. but THIS is how i look in my fantasies. because walking dogs in super tall booties is totally practical. and you never know when you might need to get your lipstick, so a bag is a must. *bean was not a participant on this shoot because, let’s be honest, she’d knock me on my ass for the first squirrel to make an appearance. and really, after bean’s fluffington post mention she’s a bit full of herself.   jeans: pilcro via anthropologie, shirt: madewell, booties: dolce vita, scarf: madewell last year, bag: chloe

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  1. Julia|

    I am obsessed with this blog. Brightens my day with every blog post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. mes bijoux|

    yeah! it is exactly how I would dress if I had a dog to walk with,mbecause you never know who can be around the corner…
    About the glamorous Bean, it is normal that she wouldn't like to share the center stage…
    kisses from sunny (and frozen) Barcelona!

  3. Cynthia|

    adorable! but when do we get to see some wedding photos and hear about the big day?

  4. Ashley|

    Love the booties and I totally have the same fantasies in which my beat up uggs transform into pair of Louboutins. Great post!

  5. janis|

    random question: what size is that shirt? i decided i want to buy it & i think we look like a similar size. thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. sarah yates|

    hi janis, it's a small! i'm a 34c and my pants are a 25 if that helps too on figuring out what size you'd like!

  7. koko mo|

    okay you're adorable. i'm obsessed with your blog, it is so perfect, your posts are wonderful and you have the most adorable dogs. and i love your house!! haaa new favorite blog i love this, following now! im so glad i found your blog its just wonderful!