happy monday my friends! lou and i are trying to save money – such a bore and such a thrill at the same time. we love knowing we’re being the smart ants preparing for winter but the wild dancing grasshoppers inside us aren’t too pleased. wish us luck!

this new savings adventure also coincided with us finally shooting a home tour (more on that to come).  in an effort to not spend but also fill a little space that needed a tiny somethin somethin, i  made this cute little vase out of an old milk jar, some gold string and a branch of eucalyptus we pilfered from a neighbor’s tree on our nightly dog walk. it’s no jonathan adler, but it fits our bill- cute and free! and this my dears, is what thrifty looks like in our house.  {& it tastes like lentil soup, in case you were wondering}


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  1. Jaclyn|

    Such a great idea for an inexpensive vase. It looks wonderful too. I'm so glad I came across your blog, I absolutely love your style. Can't wait to check out more.