enough with the polka dots already people

i’m over dots and chevron. what’s next?

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  1. viv|

    So happy to have found your blog via vmac+cheese! I'm now following 🙂

  2. nata|

    I'm over them too, but can't seem to get away from them since they're so graphically appealing. Ugh.

  3. Betsy|

    Your dog photos crack me up every time I see them on your blog!! I hope you keep posting them 🙂 I could never get my black lab to sit still long enough for a pic!

  4. mes bijoux|

    Here is again, my lovely Ruca! she looks nice whatever she wears! BTW, the other day I showed the Ruca's pictures to my nephews (9 and7 yeras old) and they didn't let me see others blogs, because they asked me about more pictures of the little dog! we had a very good time thanks to you!
    I owe you a coffee when you come to Barcelona!

  5. bri|

    haha! totally. even though i will alwayssss love me a good dot. you tell us, missy! what IS next.