ruca: hipster dog

for reals, yo.

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  1. Jacqueline|

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  2. Sarah|

    Hi Sarah – I just found your story here, was googling about the olympic swimmer tonight after watching her win a silver metal, Kathleen Baker. She was diagnosed years ago. Anyway, I apologize because I haven’t read every post or every entry, but it doesn’t look like you’ve said anything about how your experience with Crohn’s disease and flare ups are doing since this original one, have you maintained in remission for these four years? I think it’s important for all of us with Crohn’s and UC to share updates so we can piece this together as best we can outside of the western medical world. I was diagnosed with UC/Crohn’s a few years ago. I had a similar idealism surrounding nutrition and paying attention to what I eat. I still do believe I need to listen to my own gut (also pun intended lol), but I do also take Lialda daily after resisting and failing. I have managed to overcome flare ups without a second round of steroids. My last Dr. “dumped/fired” me for questioning so much lol. I’m now seeing the number one Dr. at NYU Langdon in NYC for Crohn’s, just started seeing him… anyway, I think if we who live with it could all come together, share, and compare, we could really get somewhere with understanding this disease which is so pathetically lacking in a solid solution. I had been hit with another blow to my health a year before realizing I had UC/Crohn’s (chiropractic “accident”, a bad adjustment caused four years of agony), was a semi vegetarian, health food addict, and had just finished a juice cleanse when I realized something was wrong. I don’t think it was coincidental that I got this when I did. Out of all of the “variables” my guess is that the stress/fight or flight of not being able to breath well from the chiropractic accident triggered it. There just isn’t enough solid studies. I’m doing well these days comparatively from a flare up standpoint, but a lack of energy kicks my ass daily. Let’s talk. -Sarah