i call this: business sequin party wear

if i had a business holiday party to go to, this is what i’d wear (coat on). until i had one too many glasses of wine. then i’d take my coat off and embarrass myself on the dance floor to some beyonce song. so i guess it’s a good thing i don’t have a business holiday party to attend! but if you do, i recommend this dress, highly. (and yes, it is a little short  for business parties, but i feel like with black tights you can get away with it. especially if you throw a long blazer on over it and don’t drink too much wine). dress: TFNC via Asos ($99!) blazer: theory (similar), shoes: cooperative via urban outfitters, watch: marc jacobs, clutch: lauren merkin (similar) bracelets: h&m, stella and dot. photos by my lou

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