would you color coordinate your dogs?

we didn’t color match these two on purpose (nugget came from under a car after all), but i couldn’t be happier with how they look like sisters from another mother. all future dogs shall be color coordinated. is that weird obsessive compulsive talk or would you do it too? fess up. 

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  1. Josie|

    Hey! I
    used to follow you guys when you were 'birds of a feather' and only just found you again. Your dogs are adorable, but what happened to Oscar? I loved his big puppy eyes!

  2. Katey Gillispie|

    ahah love it! Even your pets match! Im always so in awe of how lovely your home looks- so it makes complete sense that your dogs are freaking adorable as well! <3

  3. sarah yates|

    thanks so much everyone, mostly for not judging me in my delight over matching dogs. :) monica, the chairs are from modernica (sadly they don't sell them anymore).

  4. sarah yates|

    hi josie,
    we had to find another home for oscar. he and bean were getting into terrible fights and we were scared for all of us. it was during a time that i was very ill and in the hospital and we didn't have the time or resources to dedicate to figuring out how to get the dogs to stop fighting. we found a great guy/home with a 1 acre back yard, chicken coop and another dog that oscar got along well with. so that's where he is! we still get picture messages about all his great adventures on trail runs and dog beaches, so we know he's happy. thanks for saying hello!

  5. Josie|

    I'm sure that was hard for you but it definitely sounds like you made the right decision! It's very sweet that he's with somebody who keeps you updated too :)
    I'm very glad I found your new blogging home, I loved birds of a feather, but I think this one is even better!

  6. Ellie|

    I just discovered your blog and I am in love with your dogs. Our Rosie, who is known as "Hobbit," was clearly separated at birth from Nugget. They are absolute twins, except for the fact that Rosie only has one eye patch. And yes, I got a black and white dog because we had a wonderful old black lab at the time, and I wanted them to coordinate. Crazy, but true. (I also alliterated their names…. Roscoe and Rosie.)