so tell me, what do you like?


i was so nervous the day i started telling people that i had started a blog (a bit after i had actually started working on it). it’s quite scary to put yourself out there in this way, but it’s also fun and exciting. a  bit of a liberating thrill, really. it’s been a few weeks now, and i am so grateful to all of you who have left me sweet messages, tweeted me, and sent emails with kind words. it means the world to me! i’d like to make this little blog even better, so i’d love to hear…what would you love to see more or less of? thanks again, so much, for all of the support! photo of me by lou, an outtake from this day.

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  1. Maggie|

    I say keep it up! I for one really enjoy the well-rounded blogs.
    Some art & design, some fashion, some of your dogs, some recipes, glimpses of your life. Maybe an out-take or two from your weddings.

    People interested in you are interested in your interests 🙂

  2. sarah yates|

    thanks ya'll! elizabeth, more food is right! i'll be working on that this winter when i have a little more time… here come baked goods and holiday treats! xoxo

  3. e. mes bijoux|

    Hi! I've just met your blog some days before, but I have to tell you that I really like it! In fact, you and me have the same kind of blog (although I don't have dogs on it). Because I prefer blogs that have a little of everything, not only fashion: cooking, design, art, travels…
    If you want to check: http:/
    Kisses from Barcelona!!!

  4. Laurel|

    Well food is my favorite in life, so it is also my favorite blog topic. And I also like the pretty pictures of your outfits. They make me fantasize about a job that doesn't require sensible, sturdy footwear and a land that isn't cold and dark 16 hours a day. My only request is more Ruca photos. xxoo.