it’s finished! hip hip!

when i posted this cry for help i got a bunch of great ideas for what to put on the wall behind our dining room table, but my favorite idea of all landed in my inbox. interior designer and major talent jessica marx atelier emailed me and suggested i check out this etsy shop for their boucherouite rugs (made of moroccan textiles). brilliant! it’s the perfect textural pop of color, the right size, the right vibe, works with our patrick townsend chandelier. i couldn’t be  happier! what do you think, did we make the right choice or was there another idea you still think would be better? thanks so much to everyone who piped in {and a huge thank you to jessica for taking the time to email!} 

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  1. e. mes bijoux|

    What a nice and stunning home you have!!! I really adore to take a sneak peek at other's home… can we see more pictures??

  2. Gabi Hutchison|

    This looks absolutely incredible! I just bought a small rug that I decided would look great on my dining room wall as well. What did you use to hang yours?

  3. sarah yates|

    thanks! gabi we used little nails (the kind that come with picture frames).