the state of my dresser

this is where most of my jewelry is kept, and it looks like a bomb exploded 95% of the time (it also gives you an idea of what my closet was like prior to this). i really need a solution, but i feel like anything that tucks everything away too neatly won’t do. with me and accessories, out of sight = out of mind. any suggestions friends? how do you keep your jewelry organized and accessible?

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  1. Bethany|

    I truly feel that there are some places where a mess is allowed. The jewelry area is DEFINITELY one of those places. I think that a little mess means that you use it constantly and if you use it constantly (and you contain the mess to one area) what's the point of always keeping it totally tidy?

    But you inspired me! I will be organizing my closet this weekend (with my friend Ikea, Home Depot and Target).

  2. Ciara|

    My jewelry area looks like that too… except it is all tucked away in a dresser drawer. Otherwise, mine looks just like yours. ha!

  3. victoria | vmac + cheese|

    I am the same way — I like things to be displayed! What about purchasing some small cake stands? You could get a few in different heights and colors to create interest (check out Bountiful in Venice. Their selection is ridic!). I also like using pretty soap dishes I find to collect bracelets and rings. Can't go wrong with small little saucers and plates too!

    Though…if I'm honest, I don't think your "mess" actually looks that bad. :)

  4. Michelle|

    I don't do it myself but I recently saw someone (don't ask me where) storing jewellery in small glass jars (pretty ones, kinda like old powder jars)….

  5. Jamie|

    I have a dorky obsession with organizing as I've always lived in tiny city apartments. Out of sight = out of mine couldn't be truer, especially for jewelry! I divide my rings, bracelets, watches, and broches into occassion, shape, or length and put them in these lucite dividers from target: . Then everything is easy to sift through and you can keep the trays out out or stashed in a drawer. I use decorative trays for sunglasses and perfume. And lastly, baby hooks for my necklaces, like these: .

    I hope this is helpful! I just started reading your blog and think your fab!