cozy knits

i have a feeling i’m going to live in these sweater knit leggings this winter. they’re so warm and comfortable, i can almost pretend i’m still in my pjs. i love! ps- can we talk about my unintentional ombre hair? such a disaster. leggings: club monaco, silk blouse: stella and james via gilt, shoes: cooperative via urban outfitters, bag: marc jacobs, ring: unkonown designer via pigment, bracelet: gorgana via gilt

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  1. Lucy|

    I was just thinking your hair looked GREAT!! We are ombre twins – me at a hefty price tag > you out of laziness. I love it.

  2. sarah yates|

    REALLY?! amazing! but it can't go one like this much longer… can you imagine when the dark/light ratio on my bangs is like 80/20? not cute.
    but 3 cheers to laziness winning it for once!!!

  3. sarah yates|

    jess i so wish i could tell you! i got it off gilt a couple winters ago…. there's no tag so i don't even know the brand.

  4. jaime campbell|

    well..i have been montoring the hair situation via "house in the hills " and have concluded that you can pull off the ombre as long as it is up…very proud of your "up-dos" lately by the way :)…so glad we are taking care of this on Monday!…on a serious note when you are as cute as Sarah Yates you can make any of us be envious of the "ombre"

  5. aileen|

    i looove this outfit! and your hair too!! how do you get it to stay up like that? it's so cute!! i can never get mine to look like that. you should do a tutorial on your updo sometime!

  6. sarah yates|

    ha! jaime i will see you monday and you can fix this mess. aileen, it's really about having dirty hair. :) i'll put together a post sometime! thanks chickadees!