last week i photographed two of my dearest friends paige and kelly for their business {the incredible bash,please}. i want to print this outtake huge and hang it in my office as a reminder…no matter how much right now might be a struggle (i’m drowning in wedding edits!), soon enough i’ll be at girls night throwing my head back and howling with wine induced laughter. and all will be right with the world. i love you girls, our time together means the world to me. i’m so curious, what are other groups of girls spending their time together doing (if not drinking wine and laughing like hyenas)?

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  1. sarah yates|

    oh! pregnancy throws a wrench in wine drinking on girls nights! must warn them all now….no babies until we're 50! :)

  2. Lindsay|

    This post made me smile and made me thankful for my own girlfriends :) Such treasures.

    P.S. Just stumbled upon this blog and can I say, THANK YOU! It's unbelievable. Love finding new places to gush over.