what the what?

these persimmons came in our farm box this week and i haven’t the foggiest what to do with them {besides style them in a bowl as decor}. i don’t think i’ve  never even tasted one! ideas my friends? they’re darling, i hope they taste as good as they look!

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  1. clare|

    Hey Lady!!!
    Slice them really thin (or as thin as you can before they get too soft).
    Arrange on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven at 175-200 for 6 hours or till they dry up,like dehydrated apples(they taste sweet in between an apricot and apple) and just eat them, put them on cereal,see if bean likes them, chop them up in a trail mix.

    Happy domesticity!!!

  2. Courtney|

    Some persimmons are for cooking, other kinds are for eating immediately. Both delicious. Find out by eating a slice. Once you've done that either make bread with them, or slices and eat:) So yum!

  3. sarah yates|

    you all are amazing! thank you! will slice into one today to decide what to do, and will definitely dehydrate some too! thank you!!!

  4. sarah yates|

    ashley…hmmmm, i don't know if i'd partake either. :) they seem kind of tomato-y in texture? well, i haven't cut into one but that's how i imagine.

  5. Oh Sweet Escape|

    i grew up eating these! it looks like you have the persimmon that are the hard kind (there are hard and soft varieties). the hard ones are my favorite. you just peel the skin and eat them raw! or, you can cut them really thin and put them in a salad (with arugula, walnuts, etc). i prefer them in their raw state because they are delicious as is.

  6. Junia|

    Those are Fuyu's! Don't wait for them to get soft, they won't, ha! I eat them raw like an apple. It's hard to describe what they taste like, but they're yum and crunchy, but definitely taste like Fall :)