making good use of daylight savings

yesterday with that amazing extra hour * i did the unthinkable. i organized my closet! it took me half the day, but it was a project so worth the time and effort. i purged old clothes that aren’t doing it for me anymore, making a big heaping pile to haul to crossroads. i added places to hang belts, hats and sunnies (YAY!). i approached it like i would styling for a boutique. i kept the product fairly minimal, but utilized all the space. now i feel like i can really see what i have and play around with things that were previously buried. i wish i had taken a before picture but i don’t know if i’m ballsy enough to post it even if i had- it was pretty embarassing. organization is not my strong suit. next up, the shoe and coat closet {projected date of project, daylight savings 2013}. and if you don’t have them already, these hangers are a MUST! *i reserve my right to complain about said hour come spring ahead.

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  1. victoria | vmac + cheese|

    The closet looks great! Thanks for the hanger rec. I've been thinking I need to get all matching ones, and love that these won't let shirts slide off (hate that!). Have a great week!!

  2. Evelyn|

    getting those hangers! well done on the organizing, inspiring me to take on my own messy closet!

  3. sarah yates|

    thanks all! ashley, i just open the doors and stare in wonder. but rolling around might be fun too. HA!