mom jeans i can get down with

our indian summer came to an end last week, but right before it did i brought my favorite tank top out for one last spin! i’m not sure these jeans are the most flattering on me {i can’t help but worry about the infamous “mom butt”!}, but i sure do love them! tank: UO,  jeans: free people, shoes: seychelles (similar), bag: heather heron (as seen here!), bracelets: need supply, watch: marc jacobs via bloomingdales, ring: jcrew earings: shopbop

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  1. Annie McElwain|

    Shut the front door! I tried on those jeans and I LOVED them– but my friend said they were mom jeans and I listened… but I KNEW they were hot! Well played.

  2. sarah yates|

    ha, they are totally mom jeans! but i don't even give a care, i love them.

  3. Gaby|

    Hi! I just followed your link from someone else's blog (can't remember which one, I have too many tabs open!) and really like it!

  4. Eleanor|

    I adore your outfit. Before I read what you wrote about fearing the "Mom butt" I thought, man those jeans look good…I wish I had a round bum. Mine is pretty flat, lol. TMI? Anyway, They look nothing like the infamous mom jeans. :)