the chalkboard wall that wasn’t

you know how when you’re *almost* done with a room but there’s the one lingering issue still to be solved that keeps you from feeling like it’s complete? meet our dining room. it’s driving me bananas! i don’t know what to do on this chalkboard wall behind our dining room table. we could draw on it- but we’re horrible with chalk. we feel like hanging something there would be weird because of the chandelier. we need help! sos!  

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  1. Gabrielle | Savvy Home|

    Just discovered your blog via City Sage and I love what I'm seeing!

    We've got a chalkboard wall too (in the kitchen) so I have given a bit of thought to this… How about getting someone who's really incredible at drawing/chalkboarding to draw/write you something amazing on there?

    Also, if you have space, I love the idea of a white or colourful streamlined console table against the black wall for a bit of contrast.. Maybe something to complement your yellow chairs? Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Hilary Inspired|

    What about a collage of empty gold frames? I love the look of old frames on dark walls and leaving them empty would mean that you wouldn't be competing with the chandelier in the same way that you would have with a piece of artwork. Just an idea… can't wait to see what you come up with in the end!

    (btw, new follower and totally in love so far!)

  3. Kim|

    Your dining room is so perfect! What are those plants called? I've been seeing them all over on blogs and even at the Gap but have no idea what those plants are called. I'm dying to get some for my house whether it's real or fake.

    I think a very geometric artwork in a nice big frame on that wall would be a nice. Something kinda funky but minimal to go with your chandelier.

  4. Devon|

    You should have this artist ( come in and draw something for you! I'm sure you could decide on a drawing that would add that extra something to the wall, but wouldn't take away from the chandelier!

  5. sarah yates|

    thanks so much everyone, great ideas! stay tuned to see what we decide to do….
    devon, thanks for introducing me to dana's work- she's amazing!! and hillary, those plants are succulents from our yard and i don't know what they're called- but i'll let you know if i find out!

  6. dana|

    post a message at the school and hire an otis art student to do a chalk mural for you!

  7. Sarah C.|

    Hi – can you tell me about your table! I'm on the hunt for something urban yet rustic. Yours is a fantastic balance.


  8. Lindsay|

    when guests come over: a menu of the night

    normal days: just write love notes to each other 🙂 change it up!